October 5, 2009


Cennetta has honored me with this lovely award.
I actually do feel VERY honored to be recognized by such a great seamstress as Cennetta. I have to tell 7 things about myself to earn this award. Mmmmmm, I am such a blabber mouth that I've probably told everything on this blog already, but I'll give it a try...
  1. I am the eldest of four - 2 sisters and one brother. And I love them all dearly as though they were my children. They are not that cool about the my children part.

  2. I am a wannabe gourmet cook. I like to wow guests with the presentation of a meal (whenever I can find the energy to do so).

  3. My two sisters and I love decorating dinner tables. Consequently we are dish collectors. Have to stop myself from buying more.

  4. I collect cookbooks (although not as avidly as I once did). I had to stop buying them also. I still manage to add at least one or two new additions to the collection per year.

  5. I'm working on a Technical Studies Degree that sucks up my sewing time. (But you already know that, right).

  6. I'm an organizer/pack rat who can't quite get it together, I don't like to be criticized about it either. BUT CAN ANYBODY HELP!!!

  7. I am a bit of a homebody. Nothing pleases me more than a rainy Saturday or Sunday afternoon with no desire to go out. I also love company. Maybe I'm a bit of an oxymoron. What do you think???

I'm also supposed to nominate 7 other sewing bloggers for this award; so I nominate:

http://www.clevergirl.org/ Because I think she is just that. What a fitting blog name. She can refashion like nobody's business and is indeed a Clevergirl.

http://www.asewnwardrobe.blogspot.com/ I love finding new sewing blogs. This is one that I happened upon just a few days ago. Check her out, I'm sure you will like her style.

http://www.anothercreation.blogspot.com/ This nomination is a shoutout to my home girl from Elmira who is a wheez with BWOF patterns. We can all learn some things from her.

http://www.kims-kouture.blogspot.com/ I always like everything that I see Kim make.

http://www.trinilove.typepad.com/ This girl puts out an amazing amount of work with such flair.

http://www.sewsassyagain.blogspot.com/ Sew Sassy is another fashion producer. I can tell she loves her craft.

http://www.wannsew.blogspot.com/ JC is a stone researcher. She puts in an enormous amount finding information about sewing and sewing resources. Positiveness is the highlight of her blog....


  1. Congratulations on your award! I love learning new things about my blogger buddies.

  2. Thank so much Faye. Tee nominated me late last week and I posted over the weekend. I just forgot to add my blogs. I'll go back & do it now. :-) BTW: I love books, too!

  3. Thank you, Faye! What a lovely surprise. It is tough for me to write these but I sure love reading them about other people! You're full of dichotomies -- the entertaining homebody who collects things and cries out from under the stack of beautiful antique dishes! LOL Thanks again. I'll write mine up soon.

  4. thanks, I am very honored for your nomination and you deserve yours as well, Keep sewing mama!

  5. Thanks so much Faye! Love YOUR positive attitude (and your commitment to sew only one project at a time - I'm going to adopt that for myself!). Thanks for your helpful comments - I'm going to check out "Fast Fit".

  6. Love the jacket fabric and lining, I'm sure it will be stunning. Thanks for the award I will post it soon.

  7. Number two is me too! ;-)



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