April 10, 2010


Well, my quest to add cool dresses to my summer wardrobe is going quite well. My third one is another Butterick, 5456 that I fell in love with when it first came out. I liked it first because it was a cool knit, and secondly because of the key-holed back detail. When I saw that Susan made it up for Easter and I knew it was time to jump on it. I did a little scrap box dive and came up with two lengths of fabric that worked out perfectly for this dress. This is the second garment I've made this month from leftover scraps. Why scrap dive?...Why not! I try not to save too many scraps because I sew a lot and they pile up so quickly. But if it is a large enough piece of fabric that I really like, I save it in hopes that I can add it to something or make it into something later.
This dress is so comfty! And fits very well coming to just above the knee. Thank goodness I increased the length of the band at the hem, because without it this dress was just a tunic or mini dress. If you decide to make this one pay careful attention when connecting the shoulder area. That was the only problem I had when putting it together besides the understitching in tight places. This will make a great (jump in) dress this summer as our temps continue to rise. And because knit dress don't really stay on hangers very well I'm glad I learned this tip from EM - instead of hanging, just roll the knit garment up and place in a dryer. Most knits don't need ironing, so to wear just unroll and jump in - viola - ready to go.
I also completed my SECOND Spring Month of Tops project - Simplicity 2422. I wanted something colorful, cool and quick so I chose this pattern. Easy to put together project, that fits really well especially I decided to stop being scared of patterns and go ahead and cut the right size according to my bust measurements rather than going up a size. I love the feel of this colorful fabric and the fit. The only thing I didn't like about this pattern is that the ruffle does not connect to the shoulder seam. If I make the pattern again, I'll just alter the pattern to do just that.

Well I'm off to select patterns for new projects - another top, and another dress....


  1. Hi. Speaking of knits and ironing, do you iron your knits as you sew?

  2. These are both great. I like your fabric choices. These are both patterns that I didn't notice and now that you have made them, suddenly they look really appealling!

  3. Two nice garments! I like the color-blocking on the dress. It will take you anywhere this summer, maybe with white shoes? Nice sewing.

  4. thanks for the post!! I would have just went past that dress in the catalog...but after seeing it made up, I love it!! I especially love the keyhole back....so pretty. The paisly print is pretty too....where do you buy yours knits??

  5. Really great dress! A wonderful way to use up larger scraps.
    I have been rolling my knits for a while now. It keeps my drawers neater too, and things are easier to find. I also roll all my knit yardage.

  6. Thanks for the info on the ruffle on the Simplicity top since this is on my to be sewn list this spring/summer! Yours is pretty and fun! I also like the dress...between you and Susan I've decided I should own this pattern now!

  7. Lovely dress and you are increasing my pattern stash since I need to get both of those patterns.

    Thanks for sending Cindy's link.

  8. lovely creations!! i like the black dress:)

  9. Gorgeous! I especially like the black and white dress. Great work!

  10. Both look great. Congrats!

  11. I love that paisley print. It's a really lovely top.

  12. Great job! Love both items!

  13. OOOOOO..... I love that black and white dress!!! The top is great too! I never can wait to see your next creations!!!

  14. I loved that dress pattern when it was first released and now after seeing two successful versions all sewn up, I really need my own. :)

  15. Love the colorful cool and quick top. The fabric is lovely! You have such a head start on summer clothing I better get moving!!!!!

  16. Faye, you are really whipping things out over there. Beautiful garments!!! I need to get busy!!!

  17. With all of the dress making, I need to get into gear and start hammering out those lovely spring tops!

  18. I love your two fabric choices for the black dress. It looks great.

    You are pumping those tops out. Love it.

  19. These are two great items. I really like your dress. Who would ever think these fabrics used to reside as scraps?
    Please send some of your warm temperatures up to Nova Scotia!




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