February 26, 2011


 ...many THANKS for all the well wishes on my 4th blog anniversary! 

I reviewed this book in this post.

The week one prize winner is....
Tanya I hope  you enjoy the book as much as I have!  Please email me your address and the book will be in the mail to you next week.

PRIZE TWO IS connected by my love of blouses and tops - 4 blouse/top Patterns from each of the Big 4 Companies. Sizes range up to size 20, and all Patterns are UNCUT.

Please comment in THIS post to let me know if you are interested.  Again, you must be or become a follower to enter.


My very first winter LBD is finished!  Started last Sunday, worked on bit by bit during the work week, final fitting adjustments and hem today.  Yes, I already have one summer LBD but really needed a winter version too.  You might not see me wearing this dress until Fall '11 ya'll because we are back up to 75 degrees this weekend.  The daffodils and tulip trees have entered stage right, pretty soon the Bradford Pear trees will make their appearance, and my sinuses acting really crazy - I think Georgia's spring is knocking at the door.  But here's my rendition of a slightly modified Vogue 8413 View D and some particularities about it:

  • I have L-O-V-E-D this dress since I first saw Angela wearing it way back in October '09; really wanted one like it too; thanks for the lasting inspiration Angela!

  • I wanted this black ponte roma knit so badly when it first hit Hancocks - that was in Fall '09 too.  But fabric had a strange thick white mark throughout the entire length of the bolt so I couldn't buy it.  They kept saying they would get more in but never did.  I bought this piece in North Carolina during my Christmas '09 visit with my kids.  It lived deep in the closet stash since that time.

  • A bit of "OVER THINKING" entered the picture at the beginning of the project.  Before I cut I held the front pattern piece up to see if the the bodice would be long enough.  Didn't think so - so I added 2" to the bodice of the pattern.  I did not make a muslin because I didn't have a similar fabric that I was willing to sacrifice.  Lisa helped me fit the bodice last Sunday and I thought it was just the right length.  Now, I'm having second thoughts about it - thinking it's too long.  I've thought about going in to make the adjustment, but I do not want to sacrifice the time it would take to do it. 
  • I opted for full length sleeves vs. the 3/4 length ones.  I'm sort of cold natured and  figured I can push them up if needed, but If I'm cold I'll have the long sleeves to keep me warm. 
  •  Working Black on Black (black fabric & black thread) is a real JOB!
  • I tried my best to figure a way to make the dress w/o a zipper, but because of the collar that ended at center back, didn't think it would look right w/o one.  I'm still not absolutely sure how far to place the zipper from the seam line with the invisible type. 
  • I MIGHT make this dress again, but if I do, I won't fool around with the bodice at all, and I'll go down a size too.
"SEWN" editor Elizabeth recently wrote about pattern company choices vs. being dedicated to one single company.  I guess I'd categorize myself as a "Liberal Arts" sewist because I like designs from and use them all, but lately I'm finding that I beginning to have a real affinity for Vogue Patterns.
    Until my next post, enjoy your weekend...


    1. What a gorgeous neckline on that dress! I have an affinity for Vogue Patterns too...

    2. This dress is gorgeous. I'd love to feel that fabric. The neckline is great!
      Since I don't really sew for myself you don't need to include me in the giveaway. I did just buy my dress form though, which I still haven't named.

    3. I want in on the giveaway. My wardrobe is truly blouse deficient!

    4. I love what you are doing for your blog anniversary, I don't want to be entered into the contest because I have all the patterns I can stand right now, lol. but I just want to say I love that dress, you know I made it for its a favorite of mines, Take care

    5. First and foremost your LBD looks great. I have had this pattern forever and yet to make it up. I really should move on to sewing it.

      I love giveaways, so enter me in your 2nd week blogaversary giveaway.

    6. Blouses are also lacking in my pattern collection!

      I so agree with you on the black on black sewing. Can't do it at night at all! And the warmth in Georgia? Allergies are already setting in and I wasn't finished with my winter sewing, darn it! :D

    7. Love this dress Faye and hope you're going to post a picture of you in it too! Congratulations to Tanya on winning the first giveaway!

      Don't include me in the 2nd giveaway, I actually have those patterns and love them too!

    8. Ooo... LOVE your version with the full sleeves! I totally want to see it on you! Fantastic job! Hehe.. thanks for the shout-out, too!

    9. I can't believe I won,yipee! I was jealous of my friends sewing library now I can start to build my own. Thanks a bunch, emails on the way.

    10. What a great, classic dress to have in your wardrobe. We are looking forward to Spring here in London, UK too! It can't come quick enough. We have just one single daffodil open in the garden.

    11. Oh man, trying to rip out a black on black seam is torture! But your dress looks great!

    12. Love this dress! You are making some great things! I am jealous. (I have been slogging away on my pattern making, which is fun, but can take a long time when I am learning something new.) (Also, please do not enter me in the pattern giveaway.)

    13. Beautiful dress! I've been following for awhile now.

    14. Thanks for the shout out! :)



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