February 22, 2011


....if I put my mind to it - make a quilt.
Quilting is something that I grew up with.  From as far back as I can remember there was always some type quilt around.  To "cover up with" and get cozy on a cold winter night, or to make a pallet out of for an after dinner Sunday nap, or simply just to admire.  I grew up watching my Granny quilt, so I've always know about quilting frames- even ones suspended from the ceiling, handmade quilting templates, batting of all types (and not the kind that comes all fluffy in a plastic bag), needles and thread.  From the time I was old enough, I've known how to make some type of stitch, although often imperfect.  Yes, my Granny let me quilt right along side her whenever I showed an interest, even though it meant that she'd have to pull those stitches out long after I was tucked into bed.

The quilts of my youth were more functional and practical than for show. They were more often than not so heavy that I could barely turn over when one of them was placed on my bed at night.  As a matter of fact, I still have at least three of Granny's (actually she was my maternal Great-Grade Mother) quilts in my possession now.  Made by hand without a single machine stitch in them.  They are still intact, and one of them resides on my bed each and every winter season.

My Mother too WAS a very diligent quilter for a very long time.  I say "was" because she's not even talking about it lately.  But for a long time we use to discuss all the different quilt patterns - you know, the nine patch, baby's block, dresden's plate, double wedding ring, log cabin and many, many others.  I've even made one or two myself.  Mind you, they did not hold up as long as my Granny's did however.  And there is still to this day something in the back of my mind that says "I ought to make another one".  Of course, for a time I had plans of making a quilt for each of my grand-children.  But with work schedules, and my obsession for garment sewing that hasn't happened - YET!  I still have that coffee mug that my Mom bought for many years ago with the inscription "I'm a quilter...and my house is in pieces".

In 2009 I had a secret sewing goal that I told no one about (cause just in case it never came to pass I didn't want anybody asking me about it).  Smart, huh.  Two of my sewing buddies also quilt, and I'm somewhat embarrassed that I haven't made at least one quilt since I rekindled by passion for sewing.  But, I've decided that "I just might...if I put my mind to it" make a quilt.

I guess all of this was the preamble to reviewing a new quilting book that arrived today.

This book is filled with - as it says happy, colorful, and irresistible ideas and instructions.  It highlights:

  •  a modern and fun approach to quilting,
  •  includes small patchwork projects that take less time, and
  •  showcases traditional patchwork as an art, and a fun craft for people that aren't happy without  a  needle and thread in their hands (like me).
So viewers be on the lookout because there just might be a quilt coming to this blog some time soon - if I put my mind to it....


  1. I've never had the desire to make one, but boy do I love and appreciate them. Especially when my babies would get them. I still have some saved.

  2. Strange...I was just talking about quilting today with one of my classmates as we worked on our skirt projects. I would love to see pictures of your Granny's quilt(s), if it's not too much trouble.

  3. I can imagine how beautiful your quilts will be! Love hearing about your granny. We have my husband's grandmother's quilting frame still hanging up at the ceiling in the room I'm in right now. I wouldn't take it down for anything even though I don't quilt.

  4. I like to do a bit of quilting too. It's fun to not worry about fit or drape and just focus on colour and pattern. I look forward to seeing any quilts you make!

  5. Wow, I've always considered quilting as a project for only the most hard-core sewista's - in other words, WAY beyond me. I think quilts are amazing and you would do an awesome job!

  6. Quilting has been on my list of new crafts for some time now. I read Black Threads often (http://blackthreads.blogspot.com/)

    telling myself I will make a quilt, I've purchased the fabric, I even have the quilting rulers & templates, blanket binding, acquired several quilting books from the thrift store, but haven't yet. Funny enough a few weeks ago my daughter told me she wanted to make a quilt. She purchased her fabric and we have managed to cut 150 squares, thanks to my electric rotary cutter, but that came to a grinding halt, because now she is on a crocheting rollercoaster...lol

    Looking forward to your quilt.

  7. My paternal grandmother was a fabulous crocheter. She made afghans like there was no tomorrow. And she lived in LA! Anyway, I believe in 1969 she made 9 identical afghans, one for each of her grandchildren. I still have mine, or, more correctly, one of my daughters has it in college. So, I encourage you to make quilts for all of your grandchildren. They may not seem grateful, but they'll treasure them forever!

  8. I'm another who thinks quilts are beautiful--and know I will never, ever make one! So I'll have to live vicariously.

  9. Anonymous2/23/2011

    You are so lucky to have grown up with such a rich quilting tradition around you, and to still have some of your great grandmother's quilts.

    I'm really inspired by the Gee's Bend quilts, and by Denyse Schmidt. I've done a little quilting and would love to do more in the future.



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