August 14, 2011


... "I LOVE MY JOB", but after a full week of ripping and running there is nothing like an easy breezy Saturday morning when I can make selfish decisions to either:
  • skip breakfast and sleep in;
  • roll out of bed and roll into the sewing room;
  • or hit the road Jack.
Yesterday I chose the later, and though my adventures are plain and mundane, you'd be surprised how simple things really make me happy.  (Really, I think it's just being able to do whatever "I" want to do that makes me happy.)  It's a carry over of being the wildly independent oldest child syndrome I'm sure.  See, I find that it's always better to analysis yourself rather than let someone else do it for you - ha ha!

FIRST STOP:  I had to make a trek way cross town to our one and only post office (since they closed the one nearest me) to pick up a parcel that the post lady refused to leave on the porch or with my neighbor.  I've joined the Crafter's book club and I wanted my books NOW.  There's nothing like a good sewing read now is there?

SECOND STOP:  It was off to Macon where I cruised through a little Saturday Craft Market.  Only ended up buying three cookies and a jar or the most magnificent homemade salsa (got to break down and make some of this stuff being the Suzy homemaker that I am - lol).

THIRD & FOURTH STOPS:  What self respecting seamstress could resist not one, but two fabric store sales: Joann's and Hancock's.  Here's a picture of my haul, I've really been exercising control in these areas for the last couple of months.  Not stopping mind you, just controlling - I'm sure you understand.

 FIFTH STOP:  Our State Farmer's Market to add to my fresh vegetable stash for the upcoming long winter's haul.
purple hull peas and baby lima beans
FINAL STOP:  My local fish monger for my Saturday night dinner.  No picture of that, but after I cooked it up - fantastic as usual!  

Thought I'd have some sewing energy at the end of my day; however, strained from the heat of the day, none could be found.  Sewing cave progress has been very s-l-o-w with school starting back.  I did FINALLY finish my fully lined navy linen suit.  I'm sure you'd like to see a picture of me wearing it, which I'll show, but just a over the door picture for now.

I am truly in love with it!  Now I'm trying to figure out what style top I want to make to go with it - after all, a new suit deserves a new top don't you think???


  1. Faye, sounds like a marvelous day. Your new suit does deserve a new top.

  2. Sounds a great day to me! Love easy breezy days as well!

  3. I agree with the others, sounds like a wonderful day and there is always today to get in some sewing.

  4. That was a great day and glad you were able to finish the suit. I agree a new suit requires a new blouse.

  5. I love a 'do whatever I want' day - sounds like you had a good one !

  6. I just joined your site. I love how you described your perfect day.You walked us through it and it felt like a vacation!

  7. I'm so jealous I want some of those purple hull peas, take me with you next time lol.

  8. Your day sounds anything but "mudane"!! I would love to hang out with you during one of "plain" outings!! Especially if I would have been treated to the delicacy from your local fish mongar!!!

  9. Wow! what a wonderful haul.

  10. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. There's a piece of fabric in that haul that I really like and I'm keen to see made up. I'm very envious, although I did manage to acquire some hand churned butter this weekend.

  11. I wish I could have gotten in on some of those sales but I was travelling all weekend! You are back to work? Did you have a summer break? Love the presentation of the summer sewing dresses!!! I like the new look of your blog too!

  12. Please, could you do a little review of the Garment sewing book--the first photo, with the blouse on the front? I've seen that book on Amazon, and wondering how it compares to others?

  13. Looks like you had a fun filled day even without sewing. I joined the Crafters Choice book club too & got some of the same books you did. I think it's a great deal.

  14. My kind of Saturday! "Sewing cave?" I love the way that sounds.

  15. It was a wonderful Saturday. I think a simple sleeveless top, or shell as my Grammy used to say, would be perfect for your new suit. Maybe in a very feminine pale pink?




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