August 2, 2011


...Due to my insatiable hunger for information (on a number of different topics) I've had to seriously curtail magazine subscriptions and purchases.  They just pile up accumulate so quickly!   I've been forced to dig my way out of the situation time and time again.  

I've been doing pretty good with this lately, but who doesn't LOVE a great fashion magazine???  It's almost time for the all so famous and fabulous FALL ISSUES to hit the news stands so
I'm looking for one that is just the right fit for me.  When I was a teen, it was easy -  
was the way to go, and fit my needs just fine.

In early adulthood, 

fit the bill; and gosh, believe it or not, I even got my very first great lasagne recipe from Glamour.

But now there are so many more fashion magazines to choose from.  Mind you, there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with magazines that feature the most extravagant of styles, shoes, bags, accessories, and of course price tags.  But, I need a magazine that is more in-tune/realistic to my lifestyle, fashion sense, and of course my budgetAt the moment,
is ranking high on my list and I was wondering "WHAT'S YOUR FASHION MAGAZINE FIT" and "WHY"???  Just wondering...


  1. Faye, I curently don't have a subscription to any magazines...I just don't have the time to devote to them. I spend a lot of time online looking at styles. I do have an style application on my Ipod that shows me all the latest styles and trends. That's where I spend any "quiet time" when I get some!

    For some reason, I can't see your pictures of your magazine it just me??

  2. I don't read fashion magazines, either, although my daughters do. The Wall Street Journal and my paper have fashion pages one day a week, and that's all I have time for. Funny how we tailor our reading to suit our time, isn't it?

  3. I also do not subscribe to fashion magazines. I rely on the magazines that my coworkers bring into the office and the catalogs that constantly fill my mailbox. Also you lovely bloggers keep me in the know with your posts on current trends.

  4. I don't subscribe to fashion magazines.However I buy Instyle occasionally. I love the fashion section of "Real Simple"magazine which is more of a,daily living magazine. The clothes featured in there,fit my life style and keep me updated.

  5. I buy Instyle quite often, to the point that its probably worth getting the subscription.



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