August 30, 2011

YOUR MISSION, SHOULD YOU DECIDE TO ACCEPT IT....'ve probably already guessed by the lack of finished garment posts that my sewing motivation has successfully eluded me now for weeks.  Yes, I am still interested, but the motivation that it takes to:
  1. decide on a project and fabric,
  2. commit to said project, and then
  3. actually sit down to stitch said project
seems to have been playing cat and mouse games with me.  I know we all go through this thing from time to time - so I guess it's normal.  But guess what?, I HATE IT!!!  I saw where one blogger said she last saw her sewing motivation headed down some highway with her machine strapped to his back.  What a dismal sight to even imagine, but it describes my situation to a "T".


Well, I've come up with a simple plan designed to snap me out of this sewing inactivity.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to join me here as I slowly unveil my scheme.  Sometimes you have to resort to a little trickery...


  1. I will be watching carefully.

    I'm not sure how I got out of my sewing slump earlier this year, but I think it had something to do with a deadline. I really wanted to make two dresses to wear to my parents' 60th wedding anniversary, and I made them in one day a week before the event!

    What I'm saying is that I had the desire and a deadline.

  2. Well, I always love a scheme! I didn't sew too much this summer, but for some reason fall has me totally motivated.

  3. Anonymous8/30/2011

    I don't push myself too hard. There are plenty of deadlines and structure at work so when it comes to sewing I just let it ebb and flow. However, I did just (this past weekend) take up beading. If I like it, it'll be a great side hobby when the sewing mojo has left the building.

    Good luck getting it back!

  4. I'm in a sewing slump, but I have to sew. I HAD to make a bag for my daughter's birthday- she needed something to take her things in to school! I HAVE to make diapers for my son- his old ones are falling apart. I have to finish recovering this love seat- I've had it for 9 months and I need it out of my house and back to it's owner. Of course, I don't really feel like doing any of this! I will be following closely to see what kind of trickery entails!

  5. I have a bunch of events coming up with some of the same folks attending. A number of them are day time military events with a formal dinner in the evening. I really hate to be seen in the same outfit in the same month by the same people so I must either spend money shopping or make a few key pieces that can be matched to existing pieces. The sewing won, and I've just moved so I have a new space to work in. Mojo has been solidly given a kick in the behind and told to cooperate!!!

  6. Anonymous8/30/2011

    ... somebody EVER tried the 'mexican trick' ?

    Mexican comfort food - no low fat fads - seasoned really rather hot.
    It's said, that chilli's have some sort of 'built-in' cheer-up chemicals.

    Might be worth a go!


  7. Man I tell ya- I truly hate when my sewing mojo is gone. To get out the slump I usually buy an armful of magazines and pray that something jumps off the page and inspires me. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Hey - I am for the challenge!

  8. I look at magazines, pattern catalogs and blogs, that seems to help. It is tough when the mojo has left, good luck. Do it for us, we want to see your marvelous creaions! LOL

  9. I didn't have my mojo for most of the summer. It is slowly coming back. I spent time working on jewelry and that helped me ease back into sewing. I started out working on muslins for a pair of one seams. After the third try, I now have a TNT pattern. The next three garments fit too snug and when to my DS. I still have to push myself to lay out a pattern and cut it out since it is my least favorite thing to do. I'm going to try to sew at least a couple of days a week.

  10. I make something quick and crafty and frivolous and fun -- usually seeing the finished product gets me back in the mood to sew. :)

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  12. My mojo hasn't gone. She's having a temper tantrum because I seem to be sewing for everyone else except myself. I have one last project to complete and get in to post this weekend and I promised her that we'd spend the long weekend together. Hopefully, the promise of SSS 11, Collete's Fall Palette Challenge and whatever you (Faye) come up with will be enough to placate her until December.

  13. Sometimes I just spend time puttering in my sewing area, putting things away, going through my stash. Once things are tidy, somehow my mind is a bit more 'tidy' also and I find I know what's going to be the first, second projects.

  14. I'll keep watching !

    Til this week, my last sewing was June 5. Then the mojo got up and went on an extended summer vacation :-)

    I've had plenty of motivation for shopping but not sewing - NOW I have to use 'some' of it up.

    Been working on a simple tee this week (ALL week !) but the mojo is still hiding away. Can't wait to see the trickery involved.

  15. I think it's natural to go into a sewing slump when there is a big transition time. With back to school and the season changing, I'm in a big slump, too. I haven't sewn anything. I'll accept your mission and join you, b/c I need my motivation back, too.

  16. Fitting issues are my down fall but how will I learn to fix those fitting issues if I don't sew? A dress pattern kick my rear from GA to CA. I made a number of attempts with that dress pattern. In June, my sewing mojo threw her hands in the air and stumped out of my sewing room. I didn't sew for weeks. I finally had to try a different pattern, something simple and unstructured like a loose fitting jacket. I also went to my local ASG meetings. There's nothing like looking at what others are sewing and hearing their success and failures to get the creativity going. Hang in there :)

  17. I think we all lose the sewing "mojo" sometime. I usually just ride it out and catch up on my reading. Relax,it will return.
    I'm up for any challenge. You always have something good up your sleeve.

  18. You're just settling into the school year. You have an excuse. I'll be following your scheme!

  19. No slump here...that would be devastating since I really need to complete my vacation wardrobe and only have a couple of months left. When I am in a slump...I just come to all of the many blogs like yours and my mojo gets kick started again!! I'll be watching!! :)

  20. its 5.08 am here and I'm about to grab a cup of coffee and start working on my dress, a great way to get out of a sewing slump is to take a day off to just sew :)

  21. Oh no, Faye! Usually when I'm in a slump, I participate in one of your sew-alongs! Perhaps it is just a late-summer malaise?



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