April 1, 2012


LADIES,  The 15- Day Starting at the Top 2012 Sewing Challenge has officially begun!!!

But, before I get started may I need to mention two things: 
  1. five sewist have not responded to challenge email  invitations.  A second invite has been sent out.  Just let me know that you still want to be included and I will add you in.
  2. the link to the Starting at the Top Blog
    My advise on how not to approach a sewing challenge:

    ...Get so excited about the garment possibilities and challenge camaraderie that you...
    1.  Run to your pattern storage place
    2.  Fling open the drawer/open the box
    3.  Thumb through the hoard flipping past patterns that you don’t EVEN know why you  bought, or know you will NEVER in a million years make.

    4.  Hurry up now - snatch out every top/blouse/tunic pattern from the Big-4 and beyond that you have EVER even had the slightest inkling you MIGHT want to make.  End up with a pile on the floor that looks something like this
        even though you KNOW you can't possibly make all of these in 15 days.  Go ahead, pull them out - even though the sewing room is already in shambles

     6.  Woooah, now decide that some degree of order is called for, so place them all in a bag that looks like this
     7.  Sit looking through the patterns for at least an hour, even though you know you have more important things that need to be done today.

    8.  Then look around the room in total amazement, not believing that you just put yourself through all of this....


    1. LOL - This is the same "technique" for deciding what to sew that I use! (with little success).

    2. You are too funny. I love that concept and have used it often.

    3. Oh, by the way, is it too late to join the sew-a-long.

    4. OK, I am officially jealous that you could have so many top patterns from which to choose. i chose an unused view from a pattern I've only used twice, plus, since I had enough of that fabric, I'm making the top I made twice before from the same pattern. Clear as mud, right? Happy Sewing!

    5. Yup that's how I decide too !

      Contrary to the thoughts of tops, I cut out pants this weekend. I'd sign up for the challenge but we all know how that'll turn our - well, I do anyway - no tops.

      Good luck everyone !

    6. ...oops - turn our ? Meant turn out, of course, duh.

    7. Am I too late to join? I am behind in my blog reading and I have two tunic patterns ready to cut out that fit the criteria. I also have a twist front top I want to make. It's perfect timing for me!

    8. LOL! Thanks for the laugh Faye. I look forward to seeing the tops made for this challenge.

    9. Lol this happens to me most of the time . Good luck

    10. Love the post. I finished top #1.. Of course a tnt. Wanted to sew the new top pattern that I purchased, but fabric was short.... So tnt it was.

    11. Too funny Faye! I just completed my first top and need to post it shortly! Thanks again for the great challenge!

    12. Hi Faye! I'm behind in my blog reading. But if it's not too late, I'd like to participate in the challenge. j.hamb@sbcglobal.net thanks

    13. Hilarious post! Okay...now you know you got yourself some patterns. I thought I was bad. You got me beat!

    14. I use that technique a little too often! It works perfectly, by the time the kids are awake from naptime there's no pins or needles on the floor to worry about :-P (But, um, no new clothes either...) Thanks for making me laugh--and think!



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