April 10, 2012

STARTING AT THE TOP - #5 & #6...

...seems like it took me far too long to finish these two tops.  The preparation stages of a new project takes a considerable amount of time.  For top five I used New Look 6648, View D.  An attempt with this same view last year proved unsuccessful because the cowl neckline was much too deep for my taste.   I had to  consult one of my sewing mentors for information to remedy that problem.  Raising the cowl neckline mandated altering the
armscye  which was a bit scary to me.  But I took a deep breath - then performed alteration surgery on my pattern using her advice.

I removed 1 1/2 inch from the cowl.  Not wanting to spend time on a muslin, I just went with it. 

 I took it for a test drive today and was very pleased with the results.

I had enough fabric left to make up Simplicity 1916 - View F.  I'll have to admit that I eliminated three pieces (should have eliminated four pieces) of this pattern that I felt unnecessary.  Picked that up from Sheila and a top pattern she made recently.

I love the fit of this top and really love the fabric I used.  It's a jersey knit that I purchased on my 2010 visit to Metro Textiles - hope I can get back there this summer.  I have only one regret in using this fabric - after it was too late, I got the idea that this would have made a really cute maxi dress.  Oh well, what's done is done....


  1. Great fabric. I think I need a cowl neck top, too!

  2. Looooooove the tops and the cowl neck fits you perfectly. Now I need to get my hands on both those patterns... pronto... lol

    Thanks for the Shout-out.

  3. I never make a pattern by the directions. My years of industrial sewing taught me tons. Your top is very flattering.

  4. Love,love this top! The fabric is just lovely. Great fit too, looks like the surgery was a success! It's still not warm enough in these parts to wear these kinds of tops...but I can hardly wait!

  5. Wow! You've made 6 already! These are both really cute; I love the cowl necked top. I have one 2/3 done and another cut out (both from the same purple) but that was before Easter and I've not had any time to get back to them. Sad, isn't it?

  6. Both of these tops look great!

  7. Looks good. I'm glad you were able to raise that cowl successfully. Good job.

  8. Nice tops. You are on fire with the top sewing!



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