April 5, 2012


...all of a sudden, I have got to have this top!

Are you familiar with a pattern that would yield a similar look??

I am considering New Look 6940 - 
What do you think???

I would be making the top for a friend.  How in the world would one do a FBA on a pattern like this???

Any help would be appreciated......


  1. If you are using knits ( very recommended ) you don't need to do a FBA

  2. I know this one!! Butterick 5945 IS this top! I love it, and have two just about ready to finish up for the Start from the top challenge. I could have sworn I read a review where someone did a FBA on Pattern review, but can't find it.


  3. Also, try McCall's 6032. The dress can be shortened to make the top.

  4. Yes, you do need to make an fba or it won't go over the bust and the under bust seam won't be under the bust! I like to add a bust dart to these kinds of things so that the armhole is nice and snug, Debbie Cook has a very nice tutorial on how to make an fba on a twist top on her blog.

  5. I agree with Julie G. above - Butterick's B5945 is pretty close.
    Similar in style are there 2 from Lekala: 5362, and 5621.

    Here's a link to Debbie's tutorials (as mentioned by Nancy K. above): FBA - Twist front.

    Alos, Style Arc's Twisting Tilly Top

  6. In that sort of top, I usually make a dart and then rotate it down into the under bust seam. You end up with bigger "cups" as it were and more length to go over the girls.

  7. I think you could do it with Simplicity 2181. I would add a 1/4" at the bottom of the top bust seam and on the side of the bust to do a FBA.

  8. I do an FBA for myself and when I have this sort of pattern I add to the seam that connects upper and lower bodice. I would curve it out with the needed measurement being fullest directly under the apex and then grading back to the normal seamline at side seam and CF. The large bust needs more fabric to cover and you give it that by adding that curve at the under bust seam. That's what I do but I am no fit expert.

  9. Just want to add that I am only adding to the upper bodice.

  10. That pattern is perfect for the inspiration top. Glad Bunny was able to help with the FBA.

  11. Hi Faye. I have done a fba on twist tops with diagrams. you can see it on my previous blog... http://wonderfullymade1.blogspot.com/2011/05/another-simplicity-2181-after-posting.html?m=1

  12. Faye,
    I think the Butterick top # should be 5495.



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