August 17, 2013

MUSLIN MUSINGS... you know, last weekend I started work on a muslin for one of my Fall Vision Dresses - Vogue 8939.

I really liked the fit of this muslin after tweaking it just a little bit.  I altered the neckline and collar after discovering that it was just a bit too tight and thick.   Then decided that maybe, just maybe the dress should become a wearable muslin, or better yet my actual black Fall Vision Dress.  But because the fabric was a bit thin it would require a slip (which I ain't gonna wear), it would need a lining.  My next thought was to stop production on the muslin, and go ahead and donate it rather than spend time, effort and the cost of lining fabric.  This way I could go ahead and start the real dress, made from my glorious double knit.

Mmmmm, decisions, decisions!  By mid week I had decided that since I'd already put time and good sewing work into it, I'd go ahead and line the dress and gift it.  So that's what I've worked on with limited sewing time this week, finishing the dress this morning.  It's lined, hemmed and ready to box up for shipment to it's new owner - maybe today.

Speaking of muslin making - I noticed three other bloggers talking about the merits of muslining this week. Terri-Virginia's Daughter, Sigrid and Lladybird.  Muslin making - it is a valuable sewing tool...


  1. I hate making muslins, but I love it when my clothes fit, so I do it for almost every new pattern. There are times when I can get away with not doing it, but they are few and far between.

  2. Yes, you are right! I usually do not make muslins, but now that I'm more of an advanced beginner, I'm starting to make more complex sewing projects so will definitely do muslins. It's not worth it to ruin your fashion fabric or to unpick incessantly due to fitting issues.

  3. I think it is well worth making a muslin, but for some projects I don't, thinking that they are so simple I needn't bother. Sometimes this is a false economy. Your dress looks lovely though, so looking forward to seeing the "real'version.

  4. That's a very nice, classic dress. Its new owner will be most pleased.



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