July 5, 2014


 NOTE:  make sure you baste first.
...jeans and me just are not the besties we use to be.  No, it's not my age, or my shape, it's just that  my beloved denim wear is not being cut or made the way they use to be.  First there's the lycra/spandex/stretch factor.  I can remember when I was appalled when offered a pair of jeans that had the stretch factor; after all,  it just wasn't necessary for me back then.  Now a days I might just be telling myself this, but the added stretch is necessary.  Maybe I'm delusional, or might it just be because the cut of RTW jeans is just different now???

I've purchased jeans fit perfectly after a wash, but then can hold me and another person by lunchtime.  (And that's after I've eaten lunch)  my favorite pair of jeans now have a  BIG OLD wedge tuck in the center back waistband so I can keep them up.  The big wedge tuck, though not a profession alteration, was just a quick way to make them work for me.  I really don't mine the tuck.

Now the Boot Cut legs are driving me crazy.  Much too wide at the hem and makes me feel dated.  So today I decided to make them skinny....enter Look TV.  Should be an easy process, but having never preformed the procedure I clicked on YouTube to find me some help.   That's when I discovered Look TV, and one of my favorite designers, Nick Verreos.  You remember Nick I'm sure. Project Runway Season 2, and the dark horse of Season 1 (I hope there's more to come) Under the Gunn.  By the way Nick was my horse from the very start of the race.  I favored him and understood his problem of being too hands on with the designers he mentored.  I defended him til the end and then when he won!  On the other hand I never did like Anya, but had loved Mondo until he showed his little cut throat side on this show. Just my humble opinion.

Anyways, Nick has a simplistic video on taking your boot cuts to skinny on Look TV.  Just in case you've ever thought of performing this surgery and were a little scared...



  1. I am so with you on boot cuts. They have never looked good on me. My short little legs seem to defy all the fashion rules out there and boot cuts I swear make my butt look bigger than skinnier pants do. I wouldn't wear them extremely skinny but a slim cut is much more flattering and I bet it will be on your too, Faye. But then again, you always look great!

  2. I finished the pair I was working on and am really satisfied with them. What a wonderful compliment - thanks Bunny!

  3. I love boot cut jeans and have many, many pair. =) That said, I do want to make a couple of pair of skinny jeans and will use Nick's suggestion to narrow the legs. Thanks for sharing the video.

    I wasn't a fan of Nick on UtG. Team Mondo all the way!

  4. We all have different tastes don't we. I might be in love with boot cut jeans come winter. My taste(s) change from time to time. I love Mondo's ability to combine prints in exciting ways, just did not like the way he tried to gang up on MY MAN NICK. I just saw a different side of Mondo on Under the Gunn. He wasn't his usual humble self.

  5. Faye thanks so much for planting the seed.....I had a few pair of jeans that fit great but I avoided them because they were bootcut and felt out of style. I prefer straight, but all they have is "skinny" right now and I mean SKINNY! So I took your cue and altered a pair of boot cut to straight legs and I love them. I watched Nick's video but actually followed a different tutorial I found on the internet. Now I have a nice pair of jeans I am happy to wear

  6. Great post Faye! I didn't know anything about Look TV! Nick has a lot of very interesting videos! Thanks so much for the tip! I must admit, all of my jeans are skinny because I feel they make my little bird legs look bigger! It's that illusion thing again!



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