July 17, 2015


Friday is the reward for five days of alarm clocks, rolling out early and dealing with all the week brings our way.  On Friday evenings and no one has to guess twice about my whereabouts.  I'm happily situated in my sewing room, in here about to hyperventilate with all these pattern possibilities!  So whether sewing actually takes place or not this is the way I choose to end the work week.  It takes something rather drastic to make me do otherwise.

In the last episode of "Faye's Sewing Adventure" I was all excited about finishing up the "I've just got to have a cropped white jean jacket in my life" saga.  Well, the jacket is not finished yet because:
  1.  I discovered that I needed to remove and rotate the sleeves;
  2.  Low back strain aggravated my sciatica (or was it the other way around); and
  3.  Hibernating carpel tunnel syndrome decided to show back up.
It was a rough week people that left little desire for sewing.  But after two chiropractic adjustments and a week to recuperate, I'm back in the sewing saddle again praise God.  The sleeves have been rotated, the cuffs are on, and there's only 3 things left to do on the Finish Line List

It's been a simple but fun project; and I think it's going to be the cutest little jacket.  I haven't even minded doing all the topstitching after setting up a separate machine with a double needle.  So I'm off to do my weekend work.  See you soon with a finished project...


  1. I really like your jacket, looks nice! So glad you're back & sewing, you've been missed!
    See me at www.sewplus.blogspot.com

    1. I'm really trying to get it finished Bonnie. Thanks for your comment, gonna take a visit to your blog.

  2. ooo faye, i hope those adjustments keep you sewing all weekend!!!

    also, that friday bit: TRUTH.

    1. Chiropractics is such a wonderful thing for me Oona! Saw your latest post, the dress was gorgeous!

  3. Hey, my wrists started hurting again this week too after a long hibernation. My lower right back decided to make its presence known last night too but fingers crossed it seems better this morning. I haven't had to see my chiropractor in ages but I am happy he is there for me if I need him.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better and back in the saddle!

    I love your enthusiasm for Fridays, er, Fri-yays!

    1. That wrist thing is no joke Kyle. I even asked my Chiropractor to adjust mine in addition to adjusting my back. I do so love that man!

  4. Anonymous7/18/2015

    Looks like a beautiful jacket, Faye. And, I so appreciate your comments on having to address sciatica et al. As I read blogs mostly for vicarious enjoyment, I do often wonder at bloggers' output: don't they ever have pain, needy relatives, overtime at work, sick pets, and the list goes on...get in their way? Your comments inject a little reality. (Yes, so glad the treatments did help.)

    1. I had another snafu with my jacket happen again when attaching the bottom band Anonymous. It was an operator error but thankfully I was able to recover from it so all is well. Yes, I work very hard not to be negative, but life does happen and it sometimes slows down or interferes with my sewing plans. I'm just a "for real" person and can't help but let that resonate on my blog. Thanks for reading here!!!

  5. Rotating sleeves is something I have never done. Why is it needed? How could you tell (what wrinkles did you read?) Hope your aches and pains stay far away.

    1. The rotating sleeve thing: have you ever tried on a jacket or coat that you've made and the sleeves just did not seam to hang properly on you? Or do the sleeves seem to be a little twisted? My wrinkles were vertical. The fact that they did not hang properly, seemed to be a little twisted and had vertical wrinkles let me know that they needed to be rotated. I'm no expert of course, but I knew that the jacket would "wear funny" if I left the sleeves as they were. My problem was knowing whether to rotate them forward or backwards. I finally took a picture while wearing the jacket and texted it to a friend who agreed with me that rotation was necessary and advised which direction to rotate.

      The jean jacket that I am making has both front and back yokes. Normally the center of the sleeve cap fits right at the shoulder seam of a garment. In the case of my jacket there is no shoulder seam so in rotating the sleeve I had to identify where to place the center of the sleeve cap. It would have been wonderful if the pattern had indicated the place either with a dot or some other symbol but nope, it didn't.

      Removing the double stitching in-order to reset the sleeve was extra work, but severed as a lesson learned.

  6. Oh I understand! I have lower back problems and occasional sciatica myself. Glad you are feeling better. The jacket is so cute.

    1. Tomasa the pain was really awful and I'm thankful that that bout is over! Thanks for the comment on my jacket. Trying hard to finish it up!

  7. It simply lovely Ms. Faye! Sorry to hear you had two awful visitors, but that did not let you down. Well done and you will be rockin this soon in style as always!

  8. Sounds like a perfect Friday! And the jacket is looking good.

  9. Fridays with adventures... are so fun..




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