February 4, 2017


...everyone talks about "WHAT'S TRENDING?", and it's so hard to keep up with it all!  With so many fashion designs floating around in my head, and it seems impossible for me to get enough sewing done.  Oh, I wish I could sew like the wind!  This morning I'm thinking about: "What's Trending for Me?".

In January I saw Sew House Seven Toaster sweaters floating all over the internet.  Some I liked and some not so much, but I do love the pattern's simple boxy features.  I really thought that I had talked myself out of it, but it kept popping up again and again.  If you are interested Sew House 7 is offering 25% off the Toaster Sweater pattern until midnight, Feb 6, 2017 using the code TOASTERROCKS.
I promise I searched my pattern stash and really couldn't come up with a similar design.  (Murphy's Law will dictate that after I've purchased someone will know of just the right stashed pattern I could have used.  If you know, please tell me about it below.)   This sweater is trending for me, so today I'm deep in the throes of PDF assembly.
Almost done!  I meant to time my assembly but forgot.  I'll let you know how it all turns out...


  1. Ahhh, the Toaster Sweater! I've seen lots of these being made by YT vloggers due to a challenge going on for the year. Good luck assembling your PDF! I know the end result will be nice!

    1. Hi Vanessa. Assembly wasn't that bad. I'll start on the sweater tonight. I sure hope it turns out nice.

  2. The pattern looks very chic. I want to buy it, but alas, winter in my area is over. In February.

    1. Winter over in February sounds like a wonderful thing Samina. In my area winter has been intermittent (here 2 days and gone for 7) but I'm still in a winter sewing mindset. I usually switch to spring in the middle of March. Egads! next month is March. I'd better hurry up with my winter sewing.

      I was really attracted to this pattern as I am with too many Independent patterns. I'm working on a mark up now - and I really hope that I like it!

  3. Cant wait to see your toaster sweater Ms. Faye. I love the style, and I'm loving alot of the Independent patterns lately too! But in order for me to buy it has to be something that the Big 4 does offer, before I pay the price.
    My toaster was not that successful, however no fault of the pattern.

    1. I really fight with myself about buying Indie patterns Diane - this time I lost. I actually made a muslin of this simple pattern. Just wanted to make sure before I cut my fashion fabric.

      Which view did you make, and what fabric did you use???

  4. It will be interesting to see how this works out Faye. Like you, I don't use Indies's as I am worried about sizing. Good luck!

    1. Whenever I do step out and buy an Indie pattern I am always concerned about the sizing Sarah. I have problems sizing Big 4 patterns sometimes as well. But with some good basic knowledge that I've learned along the way I can get pretty close to my size with commercial patterns. I question Indies though, but some of them I just have to have.

  5. I really like the pattern. It's going to look very nice.

  6. Looks like this will be a great sweater for you. I agree with your question: Is it trending for ME. That is where the focus should always be...not on what the industry says is trending which may or may not work out. Thanks Faye for this reminder!

    1. Thank you Tomasa. Yes, I have to remind myself to think about what styles fit ME. It's so easy for me to get caught up because there are so many styles floating around.




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