August 27, 2017


...even though it's still humid in Georgia, one day in the not so distant future all the leaves will start to turn.  So I think it's time for me to at least start prepping for Fall.

In the past I've given Fall Sewing Plans different titles like:
  • Fall Hit List
  • Flipping on Over Into Fall
  • Fall Dress Palazooa, and even my
  • Carnival of Skirts
This year  I think I'll call my plan "Fall Sweet Sixteen" (named for Project Runway's Season 16).  Corny maybe, but my dream is to stitch up 16 garments that will yield countless wonderful outfit combinations for Fall; a wardrobe capsule if you will:
  • 4 Coat/Jacket/Vest or Cardigan
  • 4 Tops/Tunics/Blouses or Tees
  • 4 Pants
  • 4 Dresses and/or Skirts
My problem with the wardrobe capsule concept however; has been being able to gather all my fabrics and patterns to set up a plan - I always stall out in this part of the process.  I haven't done that this time either.  Why?, because pulling out 16 fabrics/patterns would overwhelm me and I might stall out again.  To that end, I am just going to start sewing.  Select the first fabric and first pattern and keep pulling from the stash until  all sixteen pieces are done.

I won't put any kind of pressure on myself (like a deadline) for completing this Dream List.  But I'll start now and work steadily on the list.  Of course the plan is subject to change; every plan needs a disclaimer.  But I really would like to see this plan through.

What are your plans for starting Fall sewing??? 

August 20, 2017


what a nice way to preview the September issue of Burdastyle Magazine

sometimes I use quarters, but Feather Flights uses pennies.

I can always use more tips on sewing with knits, how about you? ... How to sew perfect sweater knit seams by O!Jolly! 

Can't ever learn enough about fusible interfacing ... Useful information on fusing iron on interfacing at Sew DIY

August 16, 2017


...have you ever sewn a garment just to see if you could handle it, or to learn a particular technique.  Well such was the case of this pattern
Jalie 2921 Knit Scarf Neck Top
I've had this pattern for about seven years and I did make it once way back then.  My curiosity got the best of me, and I just couldn't resist the temptation of learning more about the burrito technique of attaching the scarf collar to this top.  I just wanted to find out if I was capable of making this top successfully, and I did do just that. The only problem with the first top I made was that I used 5/8" seam allowances rather than 1/4" so the results were a little snug.  Fast forward to this week when I wanted to use this particular knit fabric (gifted by Diane Osborn) for a top.

This is such an interesting technique.  Would you believe that the  entire top is encased in this scarf tube?
I received a much better fit this time around because I actually read the directions better and used the right seam allowance.
In addition to reading the directions I actually found this great YouTube video that shows exactly how to put the entire top together.  This made my job a breeze.

One of the best things about completing a project (no matter how simple) is being freed up to make yet another project.

What interesting projects are you freed up to sew????

August 2, 2017


...let's just skip right on over to Fall!  That's exactly what Vogue Patterns did.  I have been in great anticipation of Vogue's Early Fall pattern release.  I kept thinking, "what's taking them so long with their early Fall renderings"?.  Well I just noticed that they are up... and can I say... I think I'm in trouble!  25 patterns and at first glance I think I can say that there are only 3 that I don't want.  Even if purchased at a $4.99 pattern sale, they would still equal a "SMALL FORTUNE".  Hopefully, by the time I look at them again I will have developed a strong dislike for at least 10 of them.  Why oh why do I love Vogue Patterns so much???

Being the avid coat pattern collector that I am, this Lialia by Julia Alarcon is one of the ones that is high up on my list.  Vogue 1562; sleek, classic and double breasted.  What more could I ask for?

Have you seen the new Fall offerings from Vogue Patterns yet?  Which ones are to your liking???

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