January 2, 2008


Every site I visit has sewers charting their course - making sewing and wardrobe plans for the New Year. I think this is a good thing, and decided to jot down a few of my goals for 2008 as well. I think I did pretty well with my sewing in 2007. My biggest accomplishment was that ... (1) I KEPT SEWING! There were times when even though my mental sewing plans were grandeous - my results were not. Whether it was an issue with fitting, technique or mistakes with fabric choice, things just did not always go as well as initally planned. But I did KEEP ON SEWING (trying).
(2) I built my pattern stash, which was not hard to do thanks to Hancock's pattern sales. (3) I built my fabric stash, although not as large as some I've seen. (4) I added several volumes to my sewing reference library. (5) I met me a sewing buddy thanks to the world wide web!, and I thank God for that. (6) I learned to use my digital camera and post pictures. Now the camera has bitten the dust
but I did order a new one just today. (7) Started my sewing blog after being inspired by so many others.

Now just a few 2008 Sewing Plans:

1. No UFO's. I must concentrate on finishing one before starting another.

2. Sew A Mini SWAP. Organize my thoughts, fabric choices and plans. I'm not sure if I can commit to a 11 piece swap yet, but one of 6 pieces feels doable. This will still take a lot of concentration.

3. Beef up my sewing space by decorating it a little bit with some girly touches: i.e., curtains, ironing board cover, a comfy chair with pillows. Definately add some wall shelving and some more lighting. Keep my sewing area neat and orderly by cleaning up and putting patterns away between projects.

4. Really take advantage of my TNT pants pattern (Thanks again Lisa) by adding pockets to enhance.

5. Work more with finishes like Hong Kong and french seams.

6. Bite the Burda World of Fashion bullet. Stepping out of the box - my first magazine is on the way.

7. Embellish more. I tend to stay with the straight and narrow, nothing wrong with this, but I do feel I could beef it up a bit.

Note: Goals are subject to change.


  1. You have some great goals!

  2. Great goals! I'm cheering you on every step of the way.

  3. I hear you on the UFO's. I want to finish up projects without having any left undone! Great list!

  4. I recognise much of your recent sewing journey in my own return to the craft-good luck with the 2008 sewing goals



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