January 13, 2008


Boy a lot has happened in my life since my last post on January 2nd. Let me just start by saying "GOD IS GOOD - ALL THE TIME!!", and he filters trouble even before it even gets to us! We can often look back at trouble and see God's hand in rescue, deliverance, healing, provision - you name it...God has his hand in it.! I won't go into the trouble my family and I experienced during the last two weeks - maybe later, but I am still really praising God!

I've only sewn physically just a little here in the new year (been sewing mentally mostly).

. I did get me a cutting table; its not as long as I would have liked but if fits the space I have for it exactly. I bought a four foot long table that folds in half the size of a card table for storage. It has a handle that makes it easy to move around. The good thing about it is it is adjustable to a height of 36" which means that I no longer have to bend over the bed to layout and cut my patterns - which was murder on my back! I could no longer stand to layout and cut on the floor like I use to do either. Layout and cutting problem solved until I one day get my dream custom made cutting table.

. I ordered a new digital camera - bad news is...it's back ordered!!! I can't wait to get my hands on it. 7.1 mega pixels - what ever mega pixels are. Think it's got something to do with getting better quality pictures, which I need desperately. I guess the one my sister so generously gave me was just tired. She worked on it when she was her for the holidays to no avail so I had to spring for a new one. I order a Cannon powershot, after getting advice from my sister and Adrainne.

. I hit the pattern sales at Hancocks-of course. I got seven new McCalls, one Vouge at 70% off (couldn't wait for the $3.99 Vouge sale cause the pattern I wanted was always out of stock - had to get it while it was finally there); and one vintage Butterick pattern. Now all of these as if I needed a new pattern at all - just can't resist.

. Need to finish "THAT DARNED DRESS", which I coined this dress after heming it twice by hand and not being satisfied with it and having to take the hem back out.
The DARNED DRESS has front and side panels, also back and back side panels and top stitching. My dress form did help a lot with the fitting of this dress. The pattern called for a side zipper which I was able to leave out like I did on by Butterick mock wrap dress, and still be able to get into. I added four inches to the length of the dress cause I wanted it to hit the top of my boots at least; still not long enough - Oh, Well! And now the hem problem...this time I am just going to turn it up and do a small machine stiched hem. I tried using the seam binding as the pattern suggested - way too stiff. Took that out and used hem tape - still too bulky, so I guess I have not other option but turning it up and running the hem on the machine.

. My new issue of Threads came and I carried it in a bag with a water bottle and it and several others got wet. It is salvagable but I just hate when magazines get wet.

. Ordered my first copy of BWOF magazine from SewBaby.com right after Christmas and it still hasn't gotten here. I emailed them, and I'm gonna call them about that tomorrow! I want that magazine NOW! Sew Buddy Lisa has given me a challenge to try Burda. I want to try those cute pajamas that I saw on Miss Celie's and on Assorted Notions.

. I'm working on PJ bottoms for my two younger grandsons. Should have gotten them done before Christmas, but oh well, they still need them. Also got seven pair of boxer shorts cut out and ready to sew for all three grand boys. I won't try to get them all done at once, because I know I'll get bored, but since they are already cut out I will do them between other projects.

. Placed my first order with Fabric Mart today. My sister Brenda and I had been looking for black wool. I could't find it at Hancock's here and she couldn't find it at Joann's in upstate new york. I had made Brenda a straight black wool skirt in 1990 (I think); when my daughter was still in high school. Brenda says the skirt finally bit the dust. I told her I guess so!, the skirt was about 17 years old and she had worn it every winter since I made it for her. She is so disguested about this. I told her I think the fabric dry rotted (lol)! Anyways I am going to make her another LBS (little black skirt) as she calls it - straight skirt, waistband, back zipper, back vent, lined of course.

. Practiced making French Seams this weekend. Not at all hard, and I feel like I accomplished a little something here. Also practiced using my rolled hem foot.

. I had 11 days off during the Holidays! I stayed up late sewing and slept in mornings most days until my company arrived on the 29th. My Mother SURPRISED me and came with my sister Pat. We had a great time before they left on the 2nd. I've coined my days off and holidays as my SEWCATION! Got one coming up on the 21st. The only thing I have planned that day is an afternoon doctor's appointment.

. Want to get an invisible zipper foot and learn how to put in invisible zippers. I love the look of this opposed to lapped ones.

. My sisters are estatic about swing coats of all lengths. We call coats or jackets from the swing coat era "Lucy Coats" because they are exactly like the ones Lucy and Ethel use to wear on the I love Lucy Show. I tried to look up information about the origin (original designer) but couldn't find anything. I think they originated in the 1950's. I started noticing them in the fall; and was in J.C. Penny's yesterday and see that they have swung right over into spring. I saw a lovely hip length one in a bright yellow fabric I love it and think I could make it with McCall's 5276 (cut longer), and pair it with a gathered type skirt in a print - McCall's 5591. I love spring!
Would like to make this "Lucy" for both my sisters, my Mom and myself for Easter - GREAT THOUGHT!

. Addition to my personal New Year's Resolutions: STOP WRITING notes, telephone numbers, pattern numbers, etc. on little slips of paper. STICK TO A NOTEBOOK!

Well that's my sewing update....


  1. Anonymous1/14/2008

    I would love to learn how to make French seams so that is inspiring to hear of someone else trying it!! Also I like your sewcation term, that is great! And your term sewing mentally. I cleaned out closets all weekend in my kids' rooms but did some mental planning/sewing. Good luck w/your new years' resolutions! -a sewing mom in Texas

  2. Anonymous sew mom in Texas. The french seam was really easy. I was just playing around with it but it worked out well. I think french seam is usually used for sheer fabrics though. It looks like a plan seam on the right side of the fabric, and a tuck on the wrong side. Neat way to hide a raw edge.

  3. The idea for a 'Lucy coat' and co-ordinating skirt sounds brilliant-a new outfit what a lovely way to welcome spring...

  4. Anonymous1/15/2008

    How wonderful that you had a sewcation. I think every wardrobe should have a little black skirt if not several as well as a little black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
    Good luck on getting the jackets made. Swing coats always tend to emphasize my hips so I don't wear them but DD does love them.

  5. It sounds like you got a lot of things done and sorted out even if you didn't get to sew as much as you liked on your "sewcation". I should take one of those! LOL The swing jacket sounds so refreshing. I'm already tired of winter and we have a way to go still! Can't wait to see your creations!

  6. A cutting table is so so helpful. I love mine. I just wish that I had the space to leave it up all of the time. It is great that you are going to start sewing BWOF patterns! I can't wait to see which one you are going to choose first.

  7. I love the "Lucy Coat"plan.I think it will be awesome in a bright color for spring.I can't wait to check/try out (LOL) your new cutting table.

  8. You have been one busy lady! Congrats on all your new purchases. I want a table and camera too! ;-)



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