January 27, 2008

Some Sewing Progress

Well, my January 21st Sewcation didn't go quite as planned because I had to break up my day with a dental appointment. But I did get a little bit of sewing done. I finished "THE DARN DRESS". The long sleeved version. The dress was named the Darn Dress because the barrier I ran into with hemming it. First I used a binding which was called for in the pattern instructions - didn't work. Took that out and used a hem tape - still to bulky. Took that out and just hemmed the thing on the sewing maching - which I was trying to avoid. Anyways....I LOVE THE DARN DRESS! I wore it to Church last Sunday and later at a resturant a lady stopped me to ask where I had bought it. It really, really made my day to tell her that I didn't buy it, I MADE IT! The only problem now is that I don't have my new camera yet to take a picture of it. Will post pictures later. I made the self belt with this dress, but opted on wearing it with a clunkly leather belt swung low on my hips (lol). This one was a sweet success!

I've started writing alteration notes for each pattern I make right on the pattern envelope instead of trying to remember just in case I want to make the pattern again. With this Vouge dress pattern I need to cut the bodice part to a size 16 and increase out to size 18 in the hip area. I added 4" to the length of the dress inorder to wear it with boots. Still not long enough so I noted to add 8" next time.

I'm almost finished with this pattern - the long vest to which I added 2" to the length and the pants. Both made in a beidge stretch suede like material. All I need to do now is hem the pants and it will be ready to wear.

Also made these PJ bottoms for my two younger grandsons. One in plaid flannel and the other in a checked homespun.

Next up is a straight skirt for my sister Brenda.Found some really nifty instructions for inserting an invisible zipper at The Sewing Diva's site. I love the look of the invisible zipper in skirts and pants and really need to practice this one. I plan on using it on the "LBS" little black skirt for Brenda.


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  1. Hi from TN... This is my first visit to your site and I love your pattern choices.. I can't wait to see them! Nice blog I'll have to add it to my favs so I can check back and see your creations.



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