January 30, 2008


Well, I got my VERY FIRST invisible zipper in! I followed the tutorial at Sewing Divas. There it's suggested that you sew the two pieces together first (in my case it was the two back sections of a straight skirt). The method uses a regular zipper foot instead of an invisible zipper foot which I do not have. I actually should have done a practice run first, but I think it came out pretty good - especially since it was my first try. THANK YOU SEWING DIVAS!!! I had to use a 12-14 inch zipper instead of the 7-9 inch that the pattern had because that was all Hancock's had in black. Hancock is changing over to Coats and Clarks from YKK zippers AND THEIR SELECTION IS STILL LACKING! I've been having problems finding the zippers that I need for several months now. I am truly glad that we still have the store, but I really wish we had some competition here.

The invisible zipper application was not on my list of sewing goals for 08', but I decided to add it because I really LOVE the look. I think I am going to buy this zipper foot for one of my machines since I like the look so much. I think it would be a bit easier to get right up close to the zipper teeth with it.

I've added a list of sewing goals to my sidebar (that are subject to change) just as a reminder to myself that I need to break out of my norm and try something new every now and them. I've complished two goals this month. The french seam and the invisible zipper (got to work on this some more).

I wore my Vouge dress (the Darn dress) to work today. I was in an ALL DAY meeting with our State Board testing agency and wanted to feel special about the way I looked. Being in a room with about a 100 other cosmetologists can be intimidating when it comes to the way one is dressed. I love my dress! I saw a lady in a short double breasted jacket with the same collar as my dress. I think my collar can be added to a jacket pattern with a little work. Maybe combine the collar from the darn dress with the pea coat look of the pattern my sewing buddy Lisa gave me. Hmmmmm, it might work but definately need to do a muslin first.


  1. The sewing diva site is awesome! Congrats on your invisible zipper!!
    I just learned to put one in a few months ago myself!!

  2. Hey Girl, Congratulations on your invisible zipper. I love the updates to your blog; I may have to borrow a thing or two. lol.

    Would love to see your dress.

  3. Anonymous4/06/2008

    You're welcome, I am happy my technique for putting in an invisible zipper was a great help.



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