August 24, 2008


It didn't take long to fix the uneven hemline of my jacket. I guess this happened because I had initially added to the length of the jacket and then decided that it was too long after all and cut it off at the hemline.

This is a picture of the finished jacket, I know I need to take a picture wearing it, but just didn't again this time. I will have to do better in the picture taking area.

I had waited until my sewing class on Friday to finish the waist treatment of the matching skirt. Since I hadn't had much experience applying bias tape as a waist treatment the application that I learned in class REALLY HELPED. Again, I say Lisa is a great teacher. We practiced the in class on a mock skirt and I came home and finished my skirt with no problem at all. This is really a nifty application. I know that I will be using it again and again for skirts and maybe even pants. Here's a few pictures I took of the application process.
The Jacket from Vougue 8146 is my next project - already in progress. It's another swing "LUCY JACKET". I've admired this pattern since last fall so I'm finally getting around to making it now as part of my FALLTACULAR Capsule - though unofficial, the capsule will consist of a Jacket, skirt, pants and two tops.

The skirt is already completed, and the jacket is the second garment of the 5 piece capsule.

I've enjoyed another sewing weekend and I'm certainly looking forward to the long holiday weekend coming up when I should be able to finish this capsule or at least put a really big dent in it...


  1. Hello Fay,
    the combo looks very good, are you planning on adding a snap to the lover edge of the jacket or do you think it will stay put without? the vogue pattern you're tackling next is awsome, one my DD's fave's, she loves that jacket, whatkind of fabric are you using for it?
    BTW, the skirt post is done.

  2. Very nice, Faye! Professional-looking but still feminine.

  3. yay! You did great on this!

  4. Fabulous suit... Kudos to learning how to apply bias tape as a waist treatment.

  5. Great looking suit.

  6. Very nice outfit. Well done!



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