August 10, 2008


So this was the second week of my sewing class that is being taught by my friend Lisa. Even with my BUSY schedule (and I know everybody is extremely busy now a days); I fit this class to learn something new techniques, get better fit, and make my garments look more professional. Last week we learned: taking proper body measurements in areas pertaining to a skirt; how to make pattern alterations at waist and hip areas, and a sure fire way to insert a center back zipper. Although these are all things I do already, there's nothing like having a quicker, no guess way to a more professional look. She also taught the difference in pressing and ironing and demonstrated the proper way to do both.

The second class reviewed the zipper application, and taught the waist band application with ban roll. Next week we will learn several more waistband treatments. Our first skirt project was to be finished at home this week and be presented to the class next Friday. I finished my skirt yesterday which was from McCall's 3830.

* I had to make a 3 1/2" increase adjustment to the waist,
* And a 2 1/2" decrease adjustment in the hips with this pattern.
* I added a full lining because I just like the feel of a skirt with a lining.

And guess what, MY SKIRT IS A PERFECT F
IT! To make the adjustments I used the Pivot and Slide method by Nancy Zieman. I used this method to adjust the two skirts I made for my sister Brenda earlier this year, but hadn't used it again until now. It actually works great, but involves tracing the pattern on pattern paper or interfacing before making the adjustments; then making the adjustments on there rather than on the pattern itself. You know laziness will creep in, but it is worth the extra work to get the PERFECT FIT!

I finished the skirt Saturday, and again the pictures on the dressform do it no justice but I wanted to show it anyway. This skirt is actually the first to three pieces. I have at least 5 more yards of this fabric that I purchased at Hancocks months ago at a extremely great price of $2.99 a yard. So I plan on making a jacket and a pair of pants from the same fabric. I need to find a pretty baby blue fabric to make a nice top to go with the set.

In preparation for the next class I also made up another skirt last night and finished it all except the waistband because Lisa is teaching a bias tape waistband treatment next week that I want to use on this one. I've had this pattern on my inspiration board for a long time now because I think it is so cute. I really like the little tulip like flare at the hem of the skirt. I can just see myself wearing this with black boots this winter. It seemed to me that this pattern would make up nice in a stable knit such as ponte. But I've also have 5 yards of this fabric that I got off the $1.00 table at Wal Mart way over a year ago that I envisioned for this pattern. It's black with a pink pin stripe. I already have a pink knit fabric to use for a top to match this skirt. I just need to decide on the jacket pattern for the suit. I want to make a jacket with a lining from this fabric and use a hong kong finish on the inner seams of it. So that's about all for my weekend sewing...


  1. Nice job on both skirts, looking very polished and professional. Kudos to Lisa for teaching others how to sew.

  2. Glad you are enjoying your class with Lisa. I'm noticing tulip hem skirts in the stores.

    I purchased a jacket from the Loft and was happy that I recognized the hong kong finish, I was so - but the jacket wasn't lined. Will you be doing underlining and finishing it using the hong kong technique as opposed to doing the HK technique and then lining it.



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