August 16, 2008


My sewing class was postponed last night, so I decided to get started on the jacket that I cut out earlier this week from this New Look pattern. Last weekend I finished the skirt (except for the waistband) and now I'm waiting for my next sewing class to do a bias tape waistband treatment.
I am almost finished with the jacket except for the lining (that I need to go out and purchase) button holes and hemming. The jacket would have gone together easier BUT for some reason I choose to just skim the instruction sheet rather than READ it. I had a problem inserting the sleeves but finally got them in right. Then I interfaced the back of the jacket - should have done the front. After I realized what I had done, I also interfaced the front, AND then realized that since I had interfaced both the back and the front - I also needed to interface the side panel. UGGGGGGGGGG! Now mind you, I interfaced the back before sewing the shoulder and side seams, but had to do the front and side panel as an after thought with not only the shoulder and side seams done but with the sleeve already inserted. NOW, WHAT KIND OF SEWING WAS THIS? I guess it serves me right for not thoroughly reading the instruction sheet huh? But I thought I could wing it (l0l). Considering the fabric that I'm using for this project the interfacing really does make a difference in the overall look of the jacket. It makes it look much more (crisp) for lack of a better word.

Hopefully I'll get out to get the lining material today or tomorrow. And I still need to make a decision concerning what type of top to make to go with this. I had thought about pink but now I'm uncertain. I'm getting a little jump on my fall sewing with this jacket and skirt duo - I plan on wearing this outfit with boots.

After I finish these two pieces and the top to match, I'll get back to the jacket and pants that will match the first skirt that I made in sewing class (gray pinstripe). I think I need three Jacket/pant and or skirt combos for fall.
That added to the things I already have should make dressing a little bit easier in the morning for work.

I wanted to show this lamp as a parting picture to this post. I found it at a yard sale and thought it would "shed some light" over my cutting table. It holds three bulbs so now I have plenty of light in that area too. IT ONLY COS
T $5.00!


  1. Your jacket looks great! Is the fabric denim?
    I have a lamp very similar to yours, I have mine by my ironing area, and it does make a difference. Very good purchase for $5.00 :)

  2. I like your jacket skirt combo! And you are right 3 of these combos will make it a breeze to get dressed in the morning!



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