October 10, 2010


Last weekend was spent cleaning out my attic - if you can fathom that. It wasn't a job for the faint at heart as I had been putting off for YEARS! Three things prompted this big attic cleaning project:

  1. I needed to back away a little from the Lady Grey Project which has consumed me;
  2. A friend need some of my excess for a rummage sale to raise monies for her son's much needed math tutoring lessons and a school trip to Washington, D.C.. So this was a win, win situation, it helped her out, and helped me out because she carted away excess that I needed to go through and purge;
  3. Now that the attic had been purged, I had room up there to put boxes and other things from the closet in my sewing room that I'm not quite ready to part with as of yet. This created more storage room in that closet for sewing related stuff.
WOW, what a job that was. Up and down the stairs, but so worth it in the end. I am slowly revamping my sewing space to make it more convenient, less cluttered, and a prettier place to work.

My BFF from New York visited for a couple of days this weekend. We made a stop at Charming Charlie's to peruse the latest in affordable costume jewelery. I was very good and came away with only one necklace. She loves the Flea Market so we put in several hours at the one in Macon yesterday. I was trying to be so careful not to buy too much junk to cart home (because I'm supposed to be purging after all). But, I always keep my eyes peeled for things I can use in the sewing room so I did pick up a couple of things:

This little rack that I've already put up to hang my shears. It was only $2.00.
Prior to this I had hammered big old nails in the wall to hang them on. I think this looks much, much better.

This over the door hanger was also only $2.o0. I hung on the sewing room door
where I'm always hanging my sewing projects.

and this little jar for 50 cents. I put some of my button collection into it, and
I want several more to go along with it. I think it provides nice see through storage.

Afterward we made our way to the Georgia National Fair to check on my exhibit entries. I had 6 entries, but only 3 of them placed to my surprise.

This jacket which was supposed to be a two piece entry received first prize.
This wasn't even my best work! I ran short of the fabric and had to piece meal the
ruffle on the sleeve. The pants to the jacket ended up as a separate entry and didn't place at all.

My faux Chanel Suit took a second prize. Wow, a quilted jacket, an invisible zipper
and a months worth of work. I was really amazed that that it didn't earn a
first prize ribbon.

My sweater knit cardigan with the cowl neck top that I really love
did earn a third place ribbon. I wonder how they knew these two pieces went together (a bit of sarcasm there).

All in all I know I should be happy that I placed at all. This was my second year and I can't help think that you need to belong to the "good ol boy club" to earn one of those fabulous "Awards of Excellence". My only problem is, I don't know how to get into the good ol boy club. Will I enter again,... probably so. Not that I really need it, but I am determined to win one of those state of the art sewing machines.

There were TOO many people at the fair, and we must have walked 10 or 12 miles. We were exhausted, and I never am able to eat all that I plan on eating - wouldn't be able to afford it if I could...


  1. I love the fair! Congratulations on placing. One day you will win one of those fancy machines!

  2. i love that hanger, I can use one of those for sure.
    I'm happy you placed, even if it wasn't the first place your chanel inspired jacket it amazing

  3. Congrats on placing in the fair:)

  4. Congratulations on placing second.

    I love the rack and jar for holding buttons. They will look very nice in your sewing space.

    Decluttering also clears the mind; so you'll be ready to return to your sewing soon.

    I'll also bet you got a lot of exercise while doing all of the cleaning out.

  5. Congratulations!!!

  6. Congratulations :)))))))

  7. Congratulations -for the projects and the cleaning!

  8. Congrats on all of your wins!!!! You're so deserving of it!!!

  9. Well done for cleaning out your attic! A job no one looks forward to (I guess this shows just how much you really did need a break from the Lady Grey coat!)

    I don't understand how the awards at the fair work, but a first, second and third place sounds great! I don't understand, if you won first place, why didn't you get a new machine? What is better than first place?

  10. Anonymous10/10/2010

    I think you did a great job even to place - congratulations!

    You had some great finds at the flea market - LOVE that idea to hand scissors on a rank. Never though of that.

  11. Congrats Faye! And what some good finds at the Flea Market!

  12. Congratulations on placing!!

  13. Anonymous10/10/2010

    Congratulations on placing! 3 out of 6 isn't bad. I'm glad to see that you pressed on even when the others weren't able to participate. You had a full weekend! :-) And thanks for your congrats on the blogoversary and the note on the expo. It was fun attending the entire time. I now have a better feel for what's there, etc. May be an ambassador next year...but we'll see. :-)

  14. I think you did great! I do understand about some judges in the fairs. Our Montana winter fair required the judges to have a home ec degree, but the girl that judged the plaid Western shirt I entered didn't understand why I didn't put a snap at the neck. Has she looked at any Western shirts before?

  15. Cleaning the attic! Good for you! I've been putting off cleaning my basement for at least two years!!!!!

    And congrats of placing at the fair.

  16. Congratulations! I also can't believe that the faux Chanel didn't take home the haul, but it's beautiful and I hope you feel like a million dollars wearing it.

  17. Three out of six placing sounds really good. I think you should enter next year. I help the judges at our local fair and it can be a very subjective process. But displaying our work helps others be encouraged to try sewing.

  18. Congratulations Faye!!@

  19. Anonymous10/11/2010

    Hey Faye, I never even thought of entering a fair! I don't know about the ol boy club, but often you need to do things for a few years running before you understand how the judges think. You might find though that you don't think they are actually qualified to judge. But I think you should be proud in your second year to have earned three ribbons.

  20. The hanger is cute. Keep entering, you'll win one day.

  21. Congrats on placing! THat is great!

  22. It was kind of you to comment on my blog. And that's super you've got ideas for next year already!

  23. As a homeowner with 20 years worth of crap in her attic, I salute you for attaching yours! And then tromping upstairs with more likely discards? Huge admiration here!

    Congrats on your wins! I know it's hard to be disappointed when people don't agree with our assessments of our work, but you should be proud that you were recognized for this wonderful work!

  24. You sure did have a full weekend... but it sounds like it was productive and fun! Congrats and placing, too! I didn't like being graded on my artwork in high school but it was completely objective... how do place a grade on a student's work outside of trying his/her best? I didn't think that this was the case with sewing since you can see the craftmanship... but I guess so. :P

  25. Congratulations Faye!!! It must be truly a great feeling to place at the fair at all! Great job!

  26. How awesome! Congratulations! I'm happy you took home three prizes. Your designs are beautiful.

    Way to go my stitchin' sista'



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