January 19, 2011


What I thought was a perfectly fitted muslin,
is now the not so perfect first stage of my actual skirt.  After putting the pieces together and taking a look at the fit, I discovered that the skirt is a bit too a-linish in the back.   Here are a couple of front and side views

 And here is a picture of the excess fabric in the back of the skirt.  Please excuse the picture being on it's side, I don't know how to rotate pictures yet.  Removing the extra 2 1/2" of excess right below the zipper by increasing the side seams would be so easy.  Howbeit, I think that if I took that route I think I would seriously jeopardize the size pleating.

 I think the correction should be made in the center back seam.  The only deterrent is that I will have to remove and re-insert the invisible zipper.  I guess I should mention that I've already removed and re-inserted once for the sake of perfectionism.  But of course I did say that I wanted to get in a lot of practice inserting invisible zippers this month.  If anyone else has any other suggestions on this I would appreciate hearing from you...


  1. Oh my! How frustrating. That is a lot of excess fabric. I agree, take it out of the center back seam.

    Or if the prospect of unpicking and resetting the invisible zipper is too much, maybe adjust both side seams? But then you'll have to pick out two, not one seam...

  2. Anonymous1/20/2011

    I really don't think you should take it out at the side seams. I think that the centre back seam should be straight (which, judging by the plaid, it isn't). Tough about the zipper, but worth it because the skirt is looking good.

  3. Hey Faye, I love the fabric and this will be a great skirt! I can't seen enough details with my monitor so here's my thoughts based on the silhouettes.

    If the back seam is straight and the side seams hang perfectly perpendicular the floor than the problem could be "swing out" and that is caused by a tilted waistline. That's an easy mistake to make when actually wearing the garment and moving around naturally. Hollywood designers would get their stars to put on the costumes and then move through the shots to make sure the garment fit for the actions.

    I get this and have to lower my front waist and for me just a few pounds on or off my hips and cause it. I do the best I can to stabilize the waist after making sure all the other seams are perpendicular.

  4. It's hard to tell. It looks good to me on you, but I do see the excess on the form, however, the dress form never really does the piece justice. If you don't feel comfortable in it then you should probably pull out the stitch ripper and just redraft/cut the back piece. I'm cringing just thinking of it! LOL

  5. Sorry Faye, I agree with most of your readers, if you're uncomfortable with it, you may have no alternative but to take out the zipper and start over. Looks good though!!

  6. Oh Faye, it does look good but I agree with everyone else, take the zipper out and see if you can take the extra fabric out. Good luck.

  7. If the back bothers you, then I agree that you should fix it. But I think it looks fine as is. The hips fit and the pleats fall nicely. The little flare in the back looks like part of the design (even if it might not be)--I think it's a great skirt.


  8. i'd leave it alone, wear it as an A-line and make the change on the next one. But, that's just me.

  9. Too bad you may have to rip out that invisible zipper. But to get the skirt to your liking, it you may have to do that in order to redraft the back skirt.

    Think you it. when you've corrected the issues, your skirt will be perfect.

  10. Like the others, removing the zipper and the excess fabric will give you a better fit.

  11. I don't know of any way to take excess out of the center back except along the center back seam. Sorry! Your plaid matching is so beautiful; this would have me screaming in agony!

  12. I can't offer any suggestions, so I'll just say good luck.

  13. That is nice fabric! Hang in there you'll figure it all out and have a great skirt!
    And may I say... you are looking mighty trim in those pics!!




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