January 25, 2011


After being out of my sewing environment for 2 months and 1 week to be exact, I have to say, "folks, there is absolutely no place like home!!!".  I received the official word that I could move back into my sewing cave on Saturday.  Although I use the phrase Sewing Cave as a term of endearment, I'll certainly need to re-name it something else because now it's soooooooooo much better than a cave.  I've even tried to downsize a bit in moving back in - no, not by downsizing patterns, machines or fabric, but rather a few things to help give the room the illusion of being more spacious. I'm not finished with it yet, but couldn't wait to give you a peek in.  I think it's so much better!  First, because the walls are no longer brown paneling but rather a creamy powdered snow white.  I've had as much as possible attached to the walls to free up space - like my thread racks that I'm just in love with.  I'm also moving the floor mirror to my bedroom, and I'll be having a full length mirror attached to the entrance door instead - that way Lady Faye will have more space to spread out. 
Two of these cone thread racks use to sit on my book shelves and took up valuable shelf space
I use to pray that my bookshelves wouldn't fall down (they were self installed) - don't think I'll have a problem with them now that they're bolted into the wall
The miniature luggage trunks are the new home of all my lining fabric.  (I got the idea for them from Ebony)
Lady Faye is no longer crowded in the corner in front of the floor mirror
The hook for the water bottle is bolted.  Now I can fill it up without worrying that it will pull off the wall
The cable box and dvd player use to teeter on top of the little television.  Now they sit securely on their very own shelf.

Being displaced for 10 weeks didn't stop my sewing, but it was a HUGE inconvenience - at times nerve racking.  I did so much complaining in my mind (and to a few very close friends), and once even threatening to move out.  I feel so sorry for my Mother - she is always a sounding board for all my venting and complaining.  In her words, "Linda, it's going to be so worth it".  Mother you are ALWAYS right!

I've only made curtains once and that was a very long time ago. They were nothing to brag about.  I do plan on making the ones for this room.  I've also got plans in my head for track lighting over the sewing table - but that is for later on.   I want this room to be a beautiful reflection of me, something cheery and pretty because I spend so much of my time in here.  After all, it's the place where I create, the place I de-stress and actually relax - the place I'd most like to be.... 


  1. Looking great! I'm in the midst of a "studio" redo (ok, basement organization), and it will make such a difference. I know you'll love your new organization!

  2. Happy new sewing space! It looks nice and bright. And neat and orderly too! And Lady Faye has room to dance when no one is looking.

    :)Deb M.

  3. What a great space for sewing! Why don't you come up to TN to help me get my space spruced up?

  4. Yay! Someday I will have my own sewing sewing space!

  5. Wow! Looking awesome! I'm still in a corner of the dining room for another 2 years--or so live at home daughter in colleg--I so have plans....

  6. Great!!!!

  7. It looks great, I know you are proud of everything you did to bring it all together, so hopefully now we see even more garments out of your sewing room

  8. Oh Faye! It looks so inviting! What a nice place to create.

  9. I'm sure you will make up for lost time, your new studio looks great! I need to take some hints from you , It's time for me to de clutter lol.

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  11. Oh, Faye this room is so very nice!!! You and Lady Faye will have such creative fun in there. This room even makes me feel happy. Maybe I need to take a cue and clean mine. lol BTW, I'm the author that deleted the previous message, too many errors. Will talk soon.

  12. Your sewing room is looking fantastic!

  13. OH it looks so inviting! You will have many happy hours of sewing in your redesigned sewing parlor!

  14. Looks very good. Have fun re-settling into your space.

  15. It looks beautiful! I'm sure you will really enjoy your new room.

  16. That is a beautiful space! Congratulations on getting it onde.

  17. Fabulous! You should be able to settle in with ease. Nothing like a good sewing room to make you feel like creating.

  18. It looks wonderful! Wishing you many more happy sewing days!!

  19. You're so neat! Enjoy your space. It really helps when you have a beautiful work space.

  20. It looks awesome and well worth the wait! :)

  21. Anonymous1/26/2011

    Thanks for sharing, it gives me great ideas. My stuff is all in bins and boxes and I need it more accessible. I like the open shelves, and the luggage containers are a cool idea!! Very inspiring. What is most inspiring is that you were able to keep sewing even while displaced! Have fun with the new space.


  22. Awesome! I agree, there is no place like home!

  23. Very nice indeed! You sewing space looks so cheerful and neat and I know you will be sewing even more than before...right?

    It was well worth the wait and I am so happy for you.

  24. Awesome Faye! I am so excited you have your sewing space set up the way you want it to be! Awesome

  25. O-M-G!! Your sewing room is coming along very nicely!
    Looks like a room fit to be called "Lady Faye's Sewing Studio~ hint! :)

  26. It looks so nice, I'm sure it will jump start your creativity.

  27. Nice sewing room! I have been so used to using 3 bedrooms as my sewing'rooms' in our current house ... when we move I will only have one bedroom for sewing... it will be a challange, I'm not looking forward to trying to get all my stuff in one room when I've been used to 3! But your post has give me hope!

  28. YEAH!!! Faye it's looking so good, you may not ever want to leave that room...I know I wouldn't!

  29. The sewing room looks splendid. Yes, there is no place like home. I can't wait to have a room solely dedicated to sewing. Enjoy your updated sewing place.

  30. Oh I'm so jealous that you have space enough for a dedicated sewing space. It's looking fantastic. Congrats!

  31. Hi Faye! Thank you for visiting my blog and your nice comment! I found your blog about "Go Chanel or Go Home" :-) and I really like your style!
    Your sewing room is awesome!!! So much space!!! I´m sharing the "office" with my boyfriend... Less space but more stress :-D Enjoy it!!!

    Best wishes, Vanessa

  32. Your room is absolutely beautiful and not overcrowed like mine. You have inspired me to declutter and pair down. I am new to blogging but I enjoy it so much. Love your blog and I'm in the process of reading all of your posts. I have become a follower.

  33. Anonymous10/17/2011

    It looks wonderful, Faye! Where did you get the cone thread racks? They are perfect for serger thread and I'm having a terrible time finding any. I've searched all over the Internet with no luck.




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