October 8, 2011


...good Fall Saturday morning everyone! Wow, several weeks ago here in Georgia it seemed that Fall would never arrive.  That made transitioning from one sewing season to the other just a little bit difficult and almost frustrating.  But alas, it's here in all of it's glory.

I know, I know; I'm forever declaring that "I AM A SPRING/SUMMER" type of girl, and Oh, I do love those seasons sooooo much even though I was born very late in Fall.  But, I do so LOVE dressing for Fall.  The colors are nature rich;  all warm and cozy. 

So, I'm FLIPPING ON OVER INTO FALL and in doing so I have what I call my Fall Hit List.  The Hit List consists of 20 Easy Pieces that I've eyed and drooled over in InStyle Magazine and Etcetera.com.   There will not be a definite color scheme, but it will be filled with MY FAV ponte roma knit, wools, some double knit, denim, and believe it or not corduroy.  20 pieces goal is quite a bit to chew.  The idea of a goal that big would normally stress me right out.  But in this case, I'm placing no pressure or imposing any deadlines on myself, and it will be done in no particular order - I'm just taking it one step at a time.  My Fall Hit List has been added to my sidebar.  I'll be working on it at slow and steady pace - with my main goal being that of Enjoying the Adventure

 First up:  #3 Ponte Roma Knit Cheetah Cowl Neck Sheath 
Inspiration for this dress is from Etcetera.com's Fall Collection Look #50.  Everything in this line speaks to me so it's not hard to find inspiration here.  And to top it off on last week's trip to Joann's, Ebony helped me spot the exact fabric for this dress on the clearance rack - $7.00 per yard, usually $12.99.  

I'll be modifying Vogue 8413 - View A (adding longer sleeve) to knock off this dress.

Last night I worked up a bodice markup primarily to see how low the cowl neckline would fall.  An extremely low neckline would mess up my fabric and frankly make me cry.
I'm satisfied with the drape of the neckline, but decided to increase the shoulder area 1 inch so that hiding bra straps would not be an issue.  I decreased the ease in the sleeve cap, and added 1 inch to the length of the bodice.  Also took the opportunity to install the invisible zipper for another practice session.  I'll turn front skirt tucks or pleats into darts.

I've completed my pattern alterations, cut and marked my fabric so now I'm ready to go with this.  Here you will see I used "MY TACKS" rather than tailors tacks, but they work just fine for me.
Of course I'm excited!  Just brewed a fresh pot of Caramel Truffle Gourmet Coffee.  Think I'll have a cup spiked with Creme Brulee creamer - that ought to speed me up.  I'll need to stop a moment to make up some lunch before I get a headache (Grilled Alaskan Sockeye Salmon marinated in lemon juice w/ a Romaine Salad).   I'll be trying a new Chicken and Dumpling recipe for dinner tonight (more about that later).  I'm thinking about food a lot right now because of course there was no breakfast due to this sewing session was yelling out so loudly for me early this morning....


  1. This dress will be gorgeous! Dinner sounds pretty good too. Looking forward to seeing the dress and hearing about the dumplings!

  2. You have an ambitious agenda! I'm looking forward to your first dress. I had actually thought of buying that pattern, so I might just have to get it after all.

  3. The dress is a great piece! I have never seen a ponte roma print before. I might have to check out JoAnns a little more often.

  4. Firstly, can I pop over for coffee - caramel truffle coffee sounds delicious and I bet it smells lovely?! I think your dress is going to look fabulous - that cheetah fabric is gorgeous - what a wonderful sale find!

  5. Doesn't that bra strap thing drive you nuts?! I do have to say, my homemade tops do a much better job of covering them than the purchased ones.

  6. Thanks for your comments on my blog!
    Love that you also love the double knit and the ponte roma!!! I am a HUGE FAN of that buttery stuff...

  7. Anonymous10/09/2011

    Good morning, no.1 daughter.
    Honey I feel your excitment.I share
    your feelings about fall. I am a fan for fall. I love the colors.Our
    foliage is late and not so colorful
    this year due to the weather. I will still enjoy, since the pumpkins are ablaze. The grass came back. I am all set. I will be keeping an eye on your progress.
    Love you much.Mom

  8. You need to stay on track. This is supposed to be a sewing blog and yet you have me drooling over food. Shame on you!! LOL

  9. how exciting, the fabric is fun, animal prints is always hot for fall, I can't wait to see it and its a good thing you checked the cowl first, that would have been a disaster indeed

  10. That fabric is perfect for that dress... Trying to check flights to get there before dinner is served... Since I missed lunch..lol.

  11. That is perfect fabric for this dress! I had not been to Ecetetra before, I am glad you posted a link to that site. That can be avery inspiring site to visit.

  12. Can't wait to see everything!

  13. Exciting projects. I love that drape neck top. Very pretty. Yesterday was 84 degrees in New Hampshire -- I yearn for Fall!

  14. I agree with you about Fall and the gorgeous colors and feelings! Wish I could share that coffee with you!! Yum.
    Love the cowl neck...



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