October 4, 2011


Today, during my information gathering lunchtime I ran across another tidbit of information that "I DIDN'T KNOW".  It's about sergers, and it gave me a few little AHA moments at lunchtime.

This picture represents a likeness of the Singer Serger that is on my sewing table.  I'm also blessed to have an alternate Ricar Serger.  Don't tell, but I have the same love/hate affinity for both of them - you know how it goes with sergers - every now and then, they want to have a bad day and drag you right along with it.  Lately; however both are acting like adults, and have been cooperating just fine.  I'm so thankful that I have them; one is always threaded dark and the other light - they both sit on ready all the time.

I must confess that I do not use either of my sergers to their full potential.  They are usually used for seam finishing to give my garments that interior polished professional quality that I insist on having.  I just haven't had the time to pull my resource books off the shelf to sit down to practice sessions with them.  Well, maybe one day...

But today (maybe you already knew this, but for the sake of those who don't) I learned the difference in the 4 thread & 3 thread overlock stitch.  I always use the 4 thread overlock stitch and 9 and a half times out of 10 it works just perfectly for seam finishing be it on knits or wovens.
  • I knew that in having both needles threaded, of course this means that all 4 cones are being used simultaneously
  • But, I didn't know that the left needle is 1/4 inch away from the cutting blade
  • I didn't know that the 4 thread overlock produces a strong reinforced stitch perfect for wovens but is o.k. to use on knits as well
  • I didn't know that the 3 thread overlock stitch produces a stretchier stitch
  • or that if I want a narrower stitch to use the right needle vs using the left needle if I need a wider stitch.

I must give credit to Nancy's new book for this information
 It's a simple book, but contains a lot of information that I DIDN'T KNOW...


  1. We learn something new every day. I purchased the dvd and its so informational.

  2. I used to love watching Sewing with Nancy! Don't get it anymore where I live. I may just have to add this book to my collection.

  3. My dearly beloved just bought me a Singer serger so I, too, could have one loaded black and one loaded white! He's a genius! I always use the 4-thread stitch for sewing knits, and my things come out just wonderful. That's probably why I love sewing with knits!

  4. I have been hearing some great things about that book! I think I need to get this one.

  5. I am guilty of serger ignorance.
    I just use it, and want it to make no demands.
    I just want it to run fine, and not talk to me.
    I agree, there is more untapped potential. I should spend some "quality" time with it!

  6. There's SO much we don't know - these are great posts !

    I only used mine for finishing for the longest time - the 3-thread overlock. Only recently did I learn that the 4-thread is just as stretchy and would actually be a 'better / safer ?' stitch for knit seams. Now I'm set up for 4-thread.

    After telling DH about Marjie's new serger (for one black/one for white), he thought a second one was a great idea. I wonder if he needs a gift idea - birthday and Christmas are both coming up LOL :-)

  7. I have the exact same serger and picked up a 1980's Singer Serging book at a thrift store and every few months I tackle a new technique listed in the book on scraps. I'll probably never use half the stuff on garments, but it does help me to feel more comfortable with the serger.

  8. There's so much to serging, I've had mine for 15+ years and just learned to do a rolled hem.

  9. Get outta here! I love this new feature you have on your blog. It is really helpful. This is my first time to comment but so far you have shared things that I DIDN'T know EITHER.....must be the "educator" in you to share newly found knowledge (wink). I love it! I've heard noting but good things about this book! Thanks a bunch!

  10. I don't own a serger, but it sounds like this is a wonderful reference book to have. I shall put it on my amazon wish list.

    Totally off topic, my blog, Making the Seam, was infected with malware over the weekend. I did not know how to fix the problem, so I deleted it. If you want to find me, I am now here:

  11. Oh, Faye! I'm with you. THere is SO much I don't know about my serger! Thanks for the info!

  12. Wanna come teach a serger class? I miss you! (hugs)

  13. I'm like you, Faye. I basically use my serger to finish seams. Over the years I have taking the time to read through the singer serger reference book and have noted some interesting ways to use my serger, but have yet to do so. Maybe one day soon I will. Thanks for reminding me that there are some hidden advantages of using the serger.

  14. Wow 20 easy pieces! I probably have that many on my list pre-Christmas lol so I can't argie. I'd love to see the details of your 20 pieces :-)



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