July 15, 2012


...I think I can say that I gotten my money's worth from this pattern
I really thought I was finished with it after making view C three times already.   This time I decided to give view D a whirl to FORCE JUMP START my sewing motivation into action.  Construction of "D" was very similar to that of view "C" so this top went together very quickly.  The instructions are straight forward and easy to understand.  I still think 6 pattern pieces are far to many for a knit top, but I keep getting drawn into it anyway.  I used a smooth jersey knit that I got at Metro Textiles several years ago.  This the second top I made from this cut, and I still have enough left to make a tank top (I plan to use every last drop of it).  It must have been a 3 yard piece originally - can't remember.  You do know what a huge knit top fan I am, right?  Such easy dressing - never ever needs ironing.

....I'm sewing without any kind of plan - and have been for a while now.  Sewing without a plan is good in a way; no restrictions, no commitments.  But not so good in another way; because I keep running into snags as to what project to start next.

This afternoon I went back on Terri's blog  (you know her, Virginia's Daughter), and read her response to a comment I had posted last month.  The jest of it went something like this:

Me: I love Nautical Stripes and have planned on making something for the past two summers, but it hasn't come into fruition as of yet. Just can't get roundtoit.

Terri:  Think you'll let three summers go by?????

Thanks a bunch Terri, your question to me was an eye opener!, and somewhat a subliminal challenge for me - which I am accepting.   I've got plenty of stripped fabric stashed so I'm searching for a pattern to make something nautical this evening...


  1. Another great top Faye! I agree with you sometimes sewing without a plan is the best...It just feels so free you know lol..

  2. Super little top. Looking forward to seeing what your nautical garment is.

  3. Lynn (YSG!)7/15/2012

    Another winner, Faye! Very nice.

  4. You have gotten your use from this pattern, great job.

  5. You have use the pattern to the max and why not if you get great results everytime. Thank you for introducing me to Terry's blog.

  6. Hey Faye......you're welcome! SO glad I could help! (LOL)

  7. What a cute top. I have this pattern and really want to make it, thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Love this top and the way it criss crosses. I may have to get this one thanks to your inspiration!

  9. Really nice Faye!! I have this pattern and can you believe I've not made anything from it yet? You've inspired me to pull it out and dust it off now! Great job on this version!



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