July 9, 2012


...something very dear to my heart


I'm pretty sure I've never posted her before.  She's been living in the hall closet, and has not been out of her case for years.  Although I haven't seen much of her in years, I do often think about her and the fun times we use to have together.  Yes, I have very fond memories of the very first sewing machine that I ever purchased for MYSELF.

Couldn't remember exactly what year I purchased her, but a little research revealed the Singer Diana 560 Electronic was first sold in 1975, and was one of the first electronic machines that Singer produced.  I do remember that my daughter was in grade school at the time of purchase.  I'm not sure if I knew exactly what I was buying, I just knew that I wanted a new sewing machine, and that I wanted to buy it MYSELF.

I don't remember how much I paid for it.  That's funny because I always remember exactly how much I pay for everything.   I do remember that I had to order her, and that delivery was delayed for three months because of some dock strike down in New York City.

Use to pull some all nighter's making my Daughter's school clothes on her.  By the time Alondra (DD) reached 11th grade, Diana had starting acting a little funny.  When I took her in for a checkup I was told that the cost of repairs would far outweigh her worth so I just bought another machine.  But, I vowed that she would always have a home with me - because I loved her.

I had been gifted two vintage cabinet machines that I procrastinated getting fixed. Recently I finally got up enough energy to remove both from their cabinets to take them in for repair.

WHITE 660-9733 complete with attachments 
SINGER TOUCH & SEW complete with cams     

Aren't they beautiful!  My repairman, Mr. Baggette got them  clean, shiny and purring like kittens.  I LOVE THAT MAN.  Think I'll get a picture of him to show him off on my blog.  Since he did such a fantastic job with these, I thought I'd ask him about fixing Diana - and he did!!!, for only $63.00.  Mind you, he's the one that told me years ago that Diana wasn't worth fixing - go figure???

I checked Diane's current value and found that she would sell for for $89 to $100.  I would never sell her; she's priceless!

Guess you can tell that not much sewing has been going on here.  Sewing slump always seems to follow vacation for some unknown reason.  I have got to get my motor revved up and get some more summer things sewn...


  1. Beautiful machines and I totally understand that's how I feel about my very first sewing machine. Don't worry your mojo will return soon.

  2. yes but this is just as good as sewing! I love hearing about people's machines and sewing history!

  3. very cool stories--thanks for sharing!

  4. Lol, they look great! Happy to hear you were able to get them running again. And I totally understand, because I don't think I can get rid of my old school baby either.

  5. How lovely to meet Diana. I'm glad you've kept her all these years and I'm glad she's running again. I love having a spare sewing machine and when it's one that's been with you for so long, it's even nicer!

  6. You're in a sewing slum because you need a vacation from your vacation! Congrats on the "new to you" machines

  7. Singer Diana...I love it! I know you are glad you kept "her". Those sewing machine repair guys....gotta love 'em. I have the first Viking that my mom ever had and it still works. I'll have to showcase her someday! Take care!

  8. Comfort machines! I wish I had kept my Touch&Sew.

  9. I know how you feel about Diana. I kept the first sewing machine I bought even after it was rendered useless by a fire! It wasn't easy getting when I finally got rid of it!

  10. Great sewing machine story.

  11. Wow Ms.Faye, what a great collection. Don't you just love your babies, I couldn't part with mines at all. You can borrow my girls @ my house only, lol!

  12. Awww... what a lovely story and reunion with your machines. Glad you were able to get them purring again. Nothing like a clean & purring machine.

  13. Loved the story of your first machine. I still have the first machine I purchased for myself back in 1978. Love that New Home and will never part with it. Wow you made me think way back when. LOL! Hope your mojo returns soon.

  14. I just caught up on your vacation, and now a reunion with Princess Diana! Sewing will come, but the thrill of having all of those machines newly working is enough to distract everyone. Have a wonderful weekend, Faye.




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