July 7, 2012

I'M BACK....

....oh right, you didn't know that I was gone?  Yes, I back from a 11 day trek for my upstate New York/Twin Tier vacay with my   family- what a privileged and blessing to be able to visit with them this year.  No NYC fabric garment district shopping for me this year, but truth be told I still have plenty of stash left over from my two previous trips. But there was:
    •  lots of fashion conversation while there,
    •  managed to hit the Joann's McCall's pattern sale chauffeured by Jerome (baby brother),
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    •  I scored three nice fabric pieces from their local WalMart while shopping with Inell (Mother).  Couldn't manage to get it to fit in my return home suitcase although I tried r-e-a-l hard.  Pat (baby sister) will deliver on a visit later this month,
    •  There are actually three sewing machines at my sister Brenda's (middle sister) house so I choose one and gave it a little road test by working up a muslin for New Look 6130 peplum top,
    seeing that I did manage to get my sewing kit tucked in my suitcase for the trip in an effort to keep my sewing MOTIVATION reved up (it tends to slump without continued use).

    • At the last minute I did QUITE a bit of alterations for Brenda which I really enjoyed.  It was a labor of love and actually a lot of fun...
    • I managed to escape last week's torrid southern heat while relaxing in my Mother's beautiful back yard; however I think I made up for that yesterday when 98 degrees felt like 1,010 - wow!  By the way, we used this Pinterest tip while enjoying the back yard.
    Pinterest suggested using only one penny, but we had an entire line of them across the bottom of the bag.  Hung two bags to the sunbrella - IT WORKED!!! 
    It's good to be back safely, but I'm sincerely missing my family .....


    1. what is the plastic bag and penny for? I've never heard of that :)

    2. I'm also curious. What was the purpose for the plastic bag of water?

    3. Welcome back and so happy you enjoyed your family vacay! I din't understand the pinterest tip...was it supposed to make you cooler?

    4. Vacations with family is always great and you really missed the family once your are back home.

    5. Glad to hear things are well in the old hometown.

    6. Welcome back! Happy sewing!

    7. What a great trip you had! Very neat tip!!

    8. p.s. I also hit up the Joann's McCall's sale!

    9. Glad you had a good vacation, it is lovely to go and usually equally lovely to come home.

      Don't you just love Pinterest for the strange and helpful things you find there?

    10. Hi Faye...Welcome back! Love how you introduced us to your family in this post! Nothng like time spent with the Fam!

    11. Welcome back. I love the look of that New Look peplum top. Might have to pick that one up.



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