September 5, 2012

... I'm so excited about Fall, even though our temps are still in the 90's .  Usually I lament at season's end, thinking that I just haven't done enough summer sewing.  I actually feel that way now, but it is what it is.  I'm suddenly so excited about the possibilities of Fall wardrobe creations that I can hardly contain myself - for real.

I was talking to my sewing friends recently - about how I want to make lots and lots of skirts, and retro dresses (again), and of course pants and don't forget about my favorite - TOPS.  Guess I just want to make some of every thing. Ebony suggested that I name my skirt collection
              "CARNIVAL OF SKIRTS".  
I love Ebony - she likes to name inanimate things like I do - and she always comes up with some good ones too.  She says she had visions of Carnival and all the people who come out to party.  O.K. I like it!  I've got a feeling there will be quite a few of them that I'll parade around this Fall.

I started The Carnival of Skirts this weekend.   Inspiration for this oh so simple skirt came from the Made It on Monday blog.  I  first saw it back in January, and instantly knew that I could make this easy look work for me. Just never got around to making it up.  Well the time has come.

I had left over ponte roma in gray from a dress I made, and just had to buy 1 yard of black (30% off) .  Cut my strips, and sewed together to make the large stripped fabric for my skirt.  Elastic waist, no pattern, plain and simple - I LOVE IT.
It will make it's appearance at first chill.  Probably won't be until November though.

My second skirt's inspiration came from Debbie Cook's use of this  pattern called Pamela's Magic Pencil skirt.  I was intrigued by the construction of the skirt and the fact that the pegged shape is  incorporated in the pattern design.  Can't wait to give it a try.
 I'll make this skirt and then switch off to another type garment.  But you can be sure that more skirts will join the Carnival Parade before the Fall Season ends for one big celebration...


  1. It's already cooling down here. We covered the tomatoes so they won't freeze. We have loooooong winters!

  2. I agree with you..summer is just about over and I don't have nearly as much as I had planned to make for the summer! Hopefully fall/winter will be better! Can't wait to see you in this skirt, very cute!

  3. I feel like you do, I missed some summer sewing opportunities. Now I think I have to start on fall sewing; really need to so I can get a jump on clothing for cooler weather.

    You will like the MAGIC skirt pattern. I have only made one skirt from the pattern but love the fit and look. Nothing to dislike since the front and back pieces are the same.

  4. Great job on all the skirts, love the striped fabric. Great job.

  5. Cute skirt! I can see it with a turtleneck and tights. Maybe boots, too! Red ones.

  6. Anonymous9/05/2012

    Hi Faye I am getting excited about fall also, It is my favorite season. I just love the warm colors.
    MaybeI will get out the quilting books again.

  7. Love the stripes! Totally into stripes. Yes, here in Austin, it's supposed to be 104-106 degrees the next few days. Sometimes I am tempted to move to a place that experiences four distinct seasons each year! :)

  8. Cute stripey skirt Faye! :) It's pretty warm here too!

  9. What a clever idea with the stripes. Can't wait to see it on you!

  10. I LUV your skirt - I'm such a sucker for stripes! I'm also feeling geared up for autumn sewing. I can't wait to see your Carnival unfold!

  11. Great skirts. I like the stripes you've used. And green is always my fav.

  12. Woo Hoo!!! Greata skirts! Can't wait to see the final parade.

  13. I love that stripe skirt and I looking forward to the carnival.

  14. Great skirt! Loving those stripes, how clever. It is still so warm here, too. Makes it hard to sew for cooler weather.

  15. I think I'm gonna join you with the skirts...I love what you're doing over here, it's motivation for me!!




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