September 24, 2012


...I am soooo glad to have finished the third skirt of the Carnival.  I was inspired by a cute Vera Wang skirt that I saw while snoop shopping while on vacation in New York this summer.  I liked the skirt right away -  because it was made of ponte roma knit, it was a beautiful purple just right for fall, and because of the patched detail and top stitching.  My mother offered to buy the skirt for me, but I said no because of course I knew I could make it.

After all I been through, I wish I had allowed her to buy it.  I went through numerous challenges and disappointments in making it, and this finished project is actually the second version of the dream skirt.
For the first version I chose the WRONG pattern.
 A great pattern, yes.  I was making view F.  But I should have known better because the skirt has a yoke.  I just do not do well with skirt or pants yokes.  It along with several construction ideas that I incorporated gave me a fit.  I completed the Simplicity shirt up to hemming but was not satisfied with the skirt at all.  I kept trying to convince myself that it was O.K. and that I could get some wear out of it.  But who was I kidding.  I finally concluded that the skirt would end up a hanging closet reminder that I'd keep sliding to the side - so I ditched it.  I'll donate the skirt and maybe someone else will enjoy it.

Moving on, but still wanting the same basic skirt design, fabric and color - I decided to start all over from scratch using this pattern - view A without the tabs.  This skirt has a waist facing instead of the yoke.  I added the patch design to the side front and side back pattern pieces.
Vogue 8603
 Another snag in the road was that I was sewing while sick.  Not a good fit.  I'm already a slow sewer - sewing while sick made me even slower.  But alas I am finally finished and here is my finished skirt - although the deep purple does not show up that well.
 A closeup of the patched detail with topstitching.

 Here's a picture of the Carnival trio.  I do plan to add a few more to the collection, and they WILL have either elastic, a waistband or waist facing I can promise you that!  For "New Project Sunday" I'll be adding Vogue  7937 view B using a pewter gray faux suede upholstery fabric.  I made this same pattern in chocolate brown faux suede a couple of years ago and have gotten a whole lot of wear out of it.
Happy Fall Ya'll!  This is the first time I've ever gotten a jump start with a few finished projects at the the front of the season.  It'll soon be boot wearing season, and that's when I'll break out all my new skirts!

What new developments are coming from your sewing room this week????????


  1. Wow you are on a roll!!! Nice skirt lineup! That deep purple skirt is pretty!!! I've been fighting it but I'm embracing boot wearing weather. As far as my own sewing developments I'm preparing for Fall sewing like you:)

  2. I hope you are feeling much better now! Look forward to seeing you in the skirts. Finally this morning I decided on my first skirt pattern to join your carnival and it's going to be from Simplicity 2766. This must be one of the first brand new patterns I ever bought (even before taking up garment sewing) but I've never made anything from it. I chose a fabric that should be cotton and weaved that my mom gave me from one of her and my dad's travels in Asia. I was thinking of turning that fabric into my sofa covering initially, but it will be better as my skirt i think... now i should just start making it before i change my mind again!

  3. Gosh if this is the lovely sewing you get done when ou don't feel well, no wonder you are so productive when you do. I especially like the purple and that great detail stitching.

  4. I hope you are feeling loads better! The detail shot of that purple skirt looks great. I love topstitching. Funny that you don't get on well with yokes- they are something I search for!

  5. AHHH! Fall, Skirts and boots, I love the sound of it. Skirts are my favorite garmenttttt! hmm sounds like you think about kicking off a fall skirt sew along next year! LOL

  6. It's so hard to give up on what you sew yourself, isn't it?? Good that you powered thru and great skirt in the end.

    I just posted about my totally out of season white pants and now I am getting back to my leather jacket.

  7. I've been trying to up my blouse and top inventory. Butterick was having a sale at Jo-Ann's the other day, so I picked up a new blouse pattern, took it home, made the necessary alterations (I thought), cut it out and sewed it up. I should have had lots of room in the sleeves, but I don't-they barely fit-and it's tight in the shoulders. I cut the pattern apart and am waiting for more fabric to dry from prewash to try this again. Love the new blouse and I can wear it, but I'm fussy about comfort and it won't be quite as comfortable as I would like. I reinforced the seams, which was on an impulse, so that should make it stay together better. I agree about sewing while sick-same as knitting while sick-you can guarantee rip-outs.

  8. What is it about yokes that you don't like? (I always have issues getting them to fit right.)

  9. Lovely skirt, great color and details.

  10. Beautiful skirt Faye! Love the details! Hope you're feeling better!

  11. Patience and persistence! I love this whole "Carnival of Skirts" theme. I need to do the same with pants...I need some in the worst way but I don't want to buy any. You've got a great head start on your Fall sewing!



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