January 29, 2014


...yet another SNOW SEW DAY!!! I'm safely tucked in at home again today!  I certainly don't have everything in here that I want, but thank God I do have all that I need.  Electricity and thus heat, which are always my concern during storms.  I've been without those before - not fun at all.  (Let's see; I could use some lining fabric, more weft insertion interfacing, some matching buttons, and of course a couple of new patterns.   Just kidding - that stuff can wait.   I'm also thankful that my College's administrators have good judgement about things like this and closes to keep students, staff and faculty safe.  Thank you Central Georgia Technical College for during these two days I've:
  • stayed up way to late;
  • slept in way too long;
  • ditched one pattern, and muslin and started on another;
  • made one batch of  cookies from a mix to appease the sweet tooth that tends to rise up when I'm cottage bound.  (Thank goodness they were too salty, so I won't be eating many of those yukky things).
Winter Storm Leon, as predicted, was not playing around.  He dumped 3 to 4 inches of winter precipitation on Central Georgia.

Notice I didn't venture out far.  Pictures taken from the door.
First misty rain, then sleet, then SNOW.  I know to some who live in the regularly frozen tundra areas of the USA think that we are big winter babies. But folks we are just not use to this!  Funniest thing I've seen were some children stuffed in puffer coats running outside, flopping down in the snow to make snow angels.  I think they actually dug up more grass in their flapping around than snow - so funny!  Thank God we got snow and not ice - not quite as dangerous.  Temperature is 23 degrees, feels like 15 -, 19 degrees tonight - don't know what tomorrow will be like - just know that all this will be a sloppy mess pretty soon as temperature are expected to be in the low 60's by weekend (that's what I love about the South).

After watching people stuck in highway gridlock in Atlanta (some overnight), I told my daughter if it were me they'd have to air-vac me out because my nerves would be shot.

Where ever you are, stay warm and safe... 


  1. So glad you are safe and at home! Enjoy your sew day!!!

  2. Enjoy your days off! I have heard that some people have been stuck on the highway for over 20 hours in Atlanta.

  3. Glad you're home safe, baking and sewing! Both good snow day things...I saw the pics from the Atlanta traffic jams on Instagram...that was pretty awful! Can't wait to see what your snow days produce!

  4. Oh my gosh my parents are giddy over their off days down there but I have cousins (in laws) that have lived in GA all their lives and are so stressed out!

    Glad you're at home staying safe!

  5. building a snowman is not an option here, the wind chill is terriable! we never get snow but once in a blue moon, so I've got the sewing room on stand by lol! have fun sewing & stay warm!

  6. Keep yourself safe and warm! Enjoy your sewing!

  7. In this weather, the best is to stay home and enjoy! I kind of envy you, I haven't seen the snow for so many years now... But I can't complain about the sun ;)
    Stay warm and sew, seems like a great plan!

  8. Did the snow remind you of home? I thought about you when I saw Atlanta all over the weather channel!

  9. so proud you are safe and warm at home...and enjoying some sew time..

  10. So happy you are safe and warm at home. I'm in today too. Ate an entire container of chocolate pudding!!



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