January 28, 2014


...I didn't have a problem deciding what my next project would be or the fabric I would use. 

You see, I've had this slightly bumpy (what I call basket weave) turquoise (OR IS IT TEAL - SOMEBODY HELP ME HERE - I HAVE SLIGHT IDENTIFYING SOME COLORS CHALLENGES) boucle fabric from Vera Wang's 2008 Lavender collection packed wayyyyyy back in my fabric closet for the last 4 years.  I had to buy it, after all it was only $1.95 per yard, and it's a designer fabric.  Who could resist???

I think it was a one day only sale at Fabric.Com.  I remember going back on the website later that day to order more, but it was sold out.  Now I'm glad that I didn't, because I've been scared of it ALL THIS TIME.  It's bulky, it ravels, and too much to fold properly so I've kept it tucked away in this bag for safe keeping all this time.

Oh, I'd take it out occasionally to admire it, and think about making a coat from it.  But I was really scared of cutting into it.  I'd stuff it back in the bag, toss it back on the top shelf of the closet, shut the door and keep it moving.

So why did I bring this up now:

  • Well, it's time to start a new project, 
  • and, February is almost here, 
  •  so, I've joined Victoria's 2nd Fearless February Challenge; 

so this is the year to:
  • take a deep breath, 
  • act like a big girl, and 
  • cut into Vera's boucle fabric. 
I have an unexpected day off because we are expecting inclement weather (isn't everyone in the USA?), so I need to make a final pattern choice.  Stay tuned...


  1. I have been known to interface boucle' fabric with a tricot interfacing (a knit one with stretch to it to keep the drape-abilites of the fabric). I just iron it onto the back of the boucle' then cut out my pattern. It helps cut down on the raveling and the snagging of the fabric. Can't wait to see what you make! It's going to be gorgeous. And remember that along any journey, even if it does not turn out the way we planned, there are things to be learned. I look at every project as a time to learn. A time to grow. A time to get better at my "craft".

  2. You can do it, you can do it!!!!!!

  3. I'm with Linda. Use knit tricot and fuse the whole thing before cutting. Makes a coat a little more wind resistant, too.

  4. Faye, you will make something fabulous from this. The tip on using knit tricot is a good one. There was a good article in a recent (2013) Threads magazine on working with raveling fabric.

  5. Faye, That beautiful coat you just completed is proof that you've got the skills....Go ahead and tackle that boucle' and call it a over. I'm over here cheering for you cause I joined the same challenge and have no clue what I am going to tackle....Although I have some boucle' of my own that is dying to be a Chanel-esque jacket....Maybe I just figured out one of my projects. Thanks Faye for the inspiration.

  6. Beautiful fabric, Faye! I remember that sale. I was too new a sewist to realize how amazing it was - I would have bought 10 times as much if I knew then what I know now! I also used light interfacing when I sewed boucles. It helps with the ravelling for sure!

    PS - To me, that is sort of mid way between turquoise and teal (turquoise being more blue and teal being more green). Why not call it cyan? No one really knows what cyan looks like, anyway. ;-)

    1. Ha! I thought "celadon" which no one knows the colour of either!

  7. I can't wait to see what your challenge project will be!!! The fabric is gorgeous!

  8. Faye, this fabric is gorgeous! Boucle' , yum! The color is so rich and will look luscious in any garment can't wait to see the finished project! Great talking to you, post will be up later. Stay warm and out of the bone-chilling weather. BRrrrr.


    (i am challenged as well...which means we should both call colors whatever we want to call them.)

  10. Anonymous1/28/2014

    That is beautiful fabric! I agree with everyone above, interface before cutting and you should be fine. That's what I remember doing with a boucle to make a maternity jacket, long long ago...

  11. You will make something so fabulous from the boucle.

  12. Oh, I cannot wait to see what you make of this - it's beautiful! On my screen it looks more turquoise than teal. But in real life might have more green...

  13. Your skills are more than up to the challenge, I'm sure you will make something wonderful!

  14. Gorgeous fabric! In the words of Rafiki (The Lion King)..."It is Time"! I know you'll make something fabulous!

  15. I agree with everyone here Faye, your skills are up to the challenge! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Stay inside and be safe in that terrible weather passing through there! This is a great time for "sew days"!

  16. Oh good for you Faye! I'll be looking forward to see what you make out of this. I 'm doing the same thing in February. Finally cutting into a piece of wool I bought on my trip to Paris three yea
    rs ago. I'm making a coat for next winter.

  17. Gogeous fabric, Faye. Your coat or jacket will be wonderful and what a bargain to brag on! I also would use the tricot fusible to help it not come undone, that and serged edges.



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