March 4, 2008


If I didn't sew, a trip to the mall would make me want to. I'm so glad that I started back! I went to the mall to pay a bill yesterday and while there did some snoop shopping. I've loved J.C. Penny for such a long time. Although it's not what most people think of as a higher end store, it's high enough for me. Meaning that if I saw something there that I felt I just had to have I can either afford to get it or charge it and feel that I could one day pay if off. But since I started sewing again I mainly just do some snoop shopping. The amazing thing is that I already have a similar pattern for most of what I saw in there yesterday. I kept saying, I have a pattern for this, and a pattern for that. Looking at the clothes there MADE ME GLAD I SEW, AND ALSO MADE ME WANT TO SEW.

The main problem that I have is the fabric choices. We have limited selection here. If I love the fabric I see used for a RTW garment, I have a really hard time finding it at Hancocks. Or is it that I was out of the fabric buying loop for so long that I just can't see the possibilities in most of the fabrics there. Anyway I was determined to use my 40% off coupon from the March flyer - especially after my coupon goof up a few days ago. I must have squeezed and felt up every bolt of fabric in the store before finally settling for a piece of stretch denim (I feel like it's time for me to try my hand on a pair of jeans). Then at the checkout my favorite sales person there gives me two more 40% coupons that have to be used between March 6th and March 9th. What's a girl to do? I really need to chill because I'm going to the sewing Expo this Saturday and with this being my first time I don't know what to expect but I do know I'll need some cash. But how can I let those two coupons expire. Decisions, decisions - all of this to deal with in the same week. I NEED A HUSBAND so I can spend his check too!

I wore my new top to work today with a simple black pants outfit and I FELT SO SPECIAL. I might have to make this one again. I got lots of complements and it fit so good. Funny how such a small thing can make you feel good about yourself. I even got one of my students to take a picture of me cause shots that I'm taking of myself ain't cutting it.


  1. I love to see people actually wearing their creations.The top is even more beautiful on you.
    I had to pull back on my spending too.Trying to save some $$$ for the sewing expo adventure.I'm counting the days.

  2. Faye, that top looks great! You should get a student to photograph you all of the time.

  3. cute! I love the fabric. Yes, much better than JCPenney.

  4. Your top looks wonderful!

  5. You are a bright fashion spot on a bland industrial backdrop! That is a compliment, btw. LOL at the I need a husband comment - isn't money the only reason -- oh I'm being bad.

  6. The top looks great-I love the print

  7. Your top looks great! Girl I know what you mean about going to the mall. Just the thought of it will make you run to your sewing machine!! Now you haven't gone to Gail K's yet. They have tons of fabric in there and you might be able to find something that looks like RTW. I'm coming back to ATL in a few weeks!!

  8. Anonymous3/06/2008

    Really nice top. When I first saw it couple days ago, I found it very attractive to look at and now even nicer on you. You have got to make more.


  9. Your top looks so nice!!!! I like it even more on you that the dress form.
    A word about the expo... yes, you will need some money! The temptations are crazy! I've never seen anything like it!

  10. I would like to say Thanks to your student he/she took a great pic of you. Again, just lovin' it. I do snoop shopping to in the Loft and keep telling my self oh.. I have a pattern for this or that... but why do I end up buying clothes....lol

  11. Hello Faye .- greetings from Barcelona (Spain). Thank you for link to your blog. You have a blog very beautiful and very creative, I congratulate you. Forgive my English, I have to use an on-line translator to communicate with you, I hope you all understand. Thanks and a big hug for you. Paco

  12. Hello Faye- your blouse looks greattt and i love the print

  13. I love the fabric you picked for that top. It really makes the trick : very nice!

  14. Wow! That top looks great!! And I know what you mean about Penney's. That's one of the high-end store in our mall (it's on the small side) and that's where I look for inspiration.

  15. I'm kind of late to this conversation, but I know what you mean about not finding nice RTW-type fabric in the fabric stores. Sometimes you have to really pick through the bolts and bolts of fabric to spot something that really speaks to you. That's why I do a lot of my fabric shopping online. It just broadens my selection.

    And I love J.C. Penney's too! They have some cute stuff, and they can have some really good sales.




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