March 20, 2008


I got my computer back and I must give another big "THANK YOU" to the lady who did all the work on it for me. Changing operating systems is making my blogger act up - don't know why, but I can't drag my pictures. I did find out that I can cut and past them though.

The Sewing Expo was a really exciting event. I had really looked forward to attending with my sewing buddy and wouldn't you know we saw snow that day for the first time this year. Well at least it was the first time I saw some. I thought we might have to turn around and cancel our trip, but we trudged on and soon we were through it. That was a really cold day. But once we were inside and SHOPPING we forgot all about the weather outside. I saw so much and learned so much while there, but my real learning experience was us talking all the way to Atlanta. I got to to ask Lisa all of the questions I had, and it is so good to have someone to discuss your ideas with to see what they think. I really enjoyed the fashion shows that the independent pattern companies put on for us. It was good to see the patterns made up before you buy them. I had gone with the intention of buying two of the patterns that I saw Lisa post on her blog. The Plaza pants and the one seam pants. I got to see her Plaza pants in person and fell in love with them so I had to have that pattern.
I've added a picture of Lisa enjoying a sit down at a fashion show (I think she was sitting next to the lady who mistakenly won MY Husqvarna sewing machine, I was so sure I was going to win that thing!(lol). The only thing we didn't remember was to ask someone to take a picture of us together-we'll have to do that next time. She's sporting one of her creations, a beautifully embellished jean style jacket. (My picture does it no justice).

We even saw Carolyn's Sewing Workshop Mission Tank pattern at the expo.

I really, really missed peeking in on all my blog friends to see all that you've been creating. It's going to take me a week to catch up on sewing blogland. Let's see, the last thing I made were a pair of vintage styled capri Pj's for myself. This time I made sure I checked on the design of the fabric motif before I cut it - this time I used a floral design so it didn't matter. I know sewing up a pair of Pj's is not that hard, but I tried to make sure that I put as much thought into making them as I would any other item....I heart Pj's and plan on making several more pairs for the summer months, besides I really do need some new ones. Here's a picture of the pj's with a RTW top that I already had. Can you tell PINK is my favorite color?

Here's some more PJ fabric (I told you I heart PJ's). I love to get my sleep on (lol). Got this off Hancock's $1.99 table. Both pieces have a ONE WAY DESIGN. Got to watch out for that; I learned my lesson last time.

I made another knit top from one of my TNT patterns (New Look 6735). This was my second time using the pattern. My first version seemed a bit low cut at the neckline so I made the necessary adjustments in the back, shoulders, and front neckline to take care of that problem. I also thought that the neckband of the pattern was too thin - so stepping out of the box I decided to increase the width of the neckband for my second top - WRONG DECISION. Although the band fit, it had no support thus would not lay flat (as you can see in the picture below). I immediately removed the expanded band and replaced it with the size called by in the pattern and got SUCCESS.

I've started working on a refashioning project for my sister Brenda. She found this Pendleton pleated shirt but it doesn't fit properly. She wants a straight skirt make out of it. Me and Brenda love Pendleton wool. They use the prettiest colors and have great quality wool. I taken all 28 pleats out and removed the waist band and zipper and I steam pressed all the pleats out. To assist me in getting a good fit for her, she mailed me another wool skirt that she loves - it fits well in the hips and length, but is a bit small in the waist. I used her skirt and a Butterick pattern to cut a muslin of her straight skirt. I mailed the muslin to her early this week and my Mother help her pin fit it in the hip area. She will mail it back to me an I will make the necessary hip adjustment and use the muslin as her new straight skirt pattern. I'll also be making her a straight black wool skirt from fabric that I finally found at the expo in Atlanta. I heart my sister, can't you tell?

My next project will be this McCalls Jacket made in what I call an apple green silky wool. I love this fabric (from Hancocks) and want to make sure it is cut and fits properly. I've got the muslin cut out and plan on starting this tomorrow.

I know this has been a long, long post; but I had SO MUCH TO SAY.... I leave you with a picture of my prized azalea bush that bloomed just in time for Easter even though Easter came early this year.
Isn't it it a beautiful PINK?


  1. Anonymous3/22/2008

    Nice to see you back, Faye - and having so much in common right now. I NEED PJ shorts and capris soooo bad right now too, but I don't have that cute fabric. I left my favorite pair in some hotel last year.
    And, I was just thinking today I need to take a picture of my azaleas and post them. DD took off with my camera though.

  2. Thanks for posting on the Sewing Expo. The blouse and pjs came out great. I must find that fabric it is so lovely. Your azalea bush is blooming beautifully. My crocuses are barely peeking from the earth let alone my tulips.

  3. yay! Your back! And you have been busy! Your top looks great and your pj's. And I see you are refashioning a skirt to... I love the color of it!!
    Your flowers are beautiful...
    Have a Happy Easter.. God is so good and has blessed us!!!

  4. Yaaay! I'm glad you computer is fixed! I see you didn't let the computer blue slow you down,one bit.Those PJ's are so cute.I love that fabric.Your sister is going to be delighted with her skirt.Great Camelias.



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