March 28, 2008


It's a bird!
No it's a plane!
No it TAILOR'S TACKS! Can't remember the last time I did these things. I can remember learning to do them back in eighth grade. I strongly disliked them then, and I'm not so crazy about them now. I often heavy handedly pulled them out accidentally, or was always afraid that I would. I decided to try them today BECAUSE I HAVE THE DICKENS OF A TIME WITH MY TRACING PAPER! When I first started sewing again I thought the problem was that my tracing paper was too old - so I bought new. I still have a problem with it showing up on most fabrics. I'm using Singer Dressmaking Tracing Paper and I also have some called Singer Platinum Collection that works no better.

I also use tailor's chalk and Crayola colored pencils. I've even resorted to a red magic marker at times. WHAT DO YOU GIRLS USE? Is there something out there that I haven't found out about yet?

My new M-O-U-S-E pad suggested by SHEILA she saved me some money!
I tried it out last night and didn't have to chase the thing one time.

I'm in LOVE with the point turner and clapper that I picked up at the Sewing Expo! Haven't tried the point turner part yet, but wish I had kno
wn about the clapper a long time ago. It works wonderfully. Look how sharp this dart pressed out. I also used it to help me press the 28 pleats out of the refashioned skirt.

I finished the Pendelton skirt. I think this was my first refashioning project. At least I can't remember ever doing anything like this. I think it turned out really good, and I'm proud of it. My Mom tells me it's still cold in New York, so maybe Brenda will be able to get some wear out of it this season. Here's the finished skirt on my bow hipped dress form. I can't seem to get this thing (dress form) set properly - the hips stick out!


  1. I have been looking for the perfect marking method for-ever!!! If you can get your hands on Saral tracing paper, you might try that. I find it at JoAnn's. It's not wax based so it's less likely to be permanent. But it gets a powdery color everywhere. I'm not the best tailor's tacker or thread tracer, but those methods are guaranteed removable!

  2. Happy Sunday Faye and Thanks for the shout-out. Glad the mouse pad worked. I went to the store 2 times for a mouse pad and what did I do - end up in a fabric store and no mouse I'll pick it up tomorrow. I use Tailors Chalk, initially I was doing tacks, but it was taking and switched to tailor chalk. At times it can be a hassle in that if I'm ironing the fabric my markings disappear and at that point wished that I'd did tacks. I've been bidding on a point turner/clapper on ebay and just can't win. I went to Joann's but no luck. So for my points I purchased several cuticle points to push out the dart

  3. Ah tracing! Tailor chalks were my favorites until I realized I always had to trace some parts at one point or another so now I'm a thread tracing addicted. It requires more time when preparing your pattern but to me it makes everything easier and it's really time saving once you sew.

  4. Hi Faye,

    As far as thread tracing is concerned, Tany from couture et tricot wrote an excellent (3 parts) tutorial that you can check there
    As I said it is time consuming in the beginning but it is really worth it when you need accurate tracing.

    Have a great day!

  5. I just use tracing paper, tailors chalk and I love disappearing markers!! You can get them at joanns.

    Skirt looks good!



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