March 27, 2008


I mentioned in yesterday's post that there were two techniques that I wanted to try in making my Sister's skirt...but chickened out. They were the invisible zipper application and the Fitting Finesse Pivot and Slide technique for decreasing a skirt's size from the waist to the hip area. Well, since I do have another skirt to make for her, I am determined to master this pivot and slide technique. The author (Nancy Zieman) states that in her many years of sewing she has tried numerous fitting techniques, but since finding this one has stuck to it because it works. I need super simple fitting information. I don't want to do too much math - understand, but I want a great fit! Can I have one without the other? Here are some shots of the process, and I must say that the grading from the waist size to the decreased hip size looks a whole lot better than it looked when I decreased it on the original pattern.

What I'm faced with is a larger waist size with a smaller hip size. Here is how the pattern looked when I used it to grade the sizes. Next to it is a picture using the pivot and slide method. The transition from one size to another looks a lot smoother to me - what do you think?

I do plan on adding some of the other great fitting books that I've seen mentioned on so many of the sewing blogs like, the Real Fit books but haven't gotten around to that yet. If any one out there has any REAL SIMPLE methods of fitting, please let me in on them.

So my next project for this week is the refashioning that I've started - also for my Sister. I'M READY TO CUT!!!


  1. I took a class on the Seam Method at the expo. I've not had to use it yet but the instructor had us do examples with doll pattern pieces. It seemed more simple than anything else I've tried. Here's a link that tells a little about it

    For invisible zippers I used the Islander Sewing Easy Zippers DVD, its AWESOME!! It made all zippers easy for me. I used to be so scared of zippers. Which seems so silly to say.. but you know what I mean! lol

  2. Thanks for sharing... I'm going to check out the pivot and slide method.



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