April 5, 2009


...I am continuing with Butterick 5288, an easy jacket pattern that I've taken to another level by adding double welt pockets, but first of course I had to do the practice sessions and that took some time. I'm also thinking about adding a little piping to the inside of the jacket at the lining and front facing, and the lining and the collar area. I just thought it would add a nice finishing touch to the jacket. I've had to take it nice and slow with this project because of a lot of other things going on; I'm not sidetracked, just a little distracted. So I wasn't able to finish the project this weekend as planned.

I like to make a list of what's left to do on a project so I can see how I'm progressing since I'm not following the instruction sheet exactly.
. tweek fit in back princess seams
. sew up sides and sleeve using 1" seam allowance (should have made the jacket a size smaller.
. attach shoulder pads
. attach lining to front facing incorporating piping
. attach lining to jacket
. insert sleeve lining
. work buttonholes in front and sew on buttons
. hem sleeves and jacket
With this list it will probably take another week to finish it up (gotta go to work you know). I did find a georgette like print to make a matching top for this suit but have not settled on a pattern/style yet. This light purple/raspberry (shoot, I don't know what color it is)suit addresses one of my sewing goals: Add More Color to my Wardrobe. Here's a picture of the jacket in progress (minus the good pressing) and the print I selected for the top.

I don't want to rush this project, but I am ready to move on to more spring/summer sewing. I want to start on the the fabric I purchased on my sewing expo trip. I've got some ideas for a Mini SWAP with 8 pieces that I'll call "THE BLACK AND WHITE OF IT" that will include the following pieces:

.White Pants
.Black Pants
.Black and White Jacket
.2 Print Tops
.2 Solid Tops
.Black Skirt with White Embroidery Design

Hope everybody is have a relaxing weekend!

P.S. What in the world is wrong with my Blogger? I have lost the tab that changes the font size. When I click on the bold tab, the add a link tab, or the add a picture tab it posts a code instead of just doing what it usually does. This is strange; is there any one else experiencing this.


  1. Make sure that the "Edit HTML" tab is not highlighted. Click "Compose" button and see if that solves your problem.

    Your jacket is an absolutely beautiful color. I call it "raspberry". It's going to be just gorgeous, and you found the perfect blouse fabric to go with it.

  2. Faye I love that color. I like the idea of a mini SWAP. My surgery is Wednesday so I will be out of commission in a few days. Until then I'm going to sew as much as I can. Can wait to see your finished pieces.

  3. Anonymous4/05/2009

    Hello, Mom Just checking out your page. Keep up the good work.

    Love, Alondra

  4. It's a beautiful color, no matter what you call it. The fabric you found for the top is going to look great with it.

    I really like the idea of SWAP, whether a full SWAP or even just a few coordinating pieces. My brain has lots of ides for one, but I only sew 1 thing per month ! Good luck with yours.

  5. Your jacket is truly coming along. I love the color and I really love the fabric you chose for the top/blouse.

  6. Great progress on your jacket. I'm with you on not wanting to rush a project, but- I'd also love to finish the jacket I'm working on, so I can start on summer things :)

  7. Wow Faye, It really is coming out great! There is a lot of steps to remember when doing a jacket with liner but all the hard work is rewarding. This is going to look beautiful on you. I had to smile with the name of the color. We only need to know primary, secondary and levels in hair. I wouldn't know what to call it either :) Enjoy your week and don't work too hard unless it's on your jacket!

  8. Gorgeous. That color is luscious. It reminds me of raspberry sorbet!! I agree with Gwen. You are so meticulous. I need to be more so.
    I don't know how to help with your blogger troubles. I've had some of my own. I'm not very computer savvy.

  9. Your jacket looks great and I love, love, love the print for the top, where did you get it?

  10. That is one beautiful jacket, the color for the blouse is so nice and will look stunning on you. Can't wait to see the finished project.

  11. That jacket is looking awesome! Take your time, enjoy the journey. :) That swap you're talking about is going to be super versatile. And the black skirt with white embroider already sounds pretty, imagine it when it's done. Ohhh, my head's spinning lol.


  12. I want that fabric! The print is gorgeous and the colours are amazing. That top, jacket and black pants would be stunning, but you could have so many other colours with it! Take as much time as you need. Can't wait to see the end results.

  13. Love the colour of our jacket and LOVE the print you are going to use with it. Nice joj on those welts too.

  14. The fabric for the top is so pretty and will look great with the suit.

    Hoping you post progress notes on using the piping with the lining. I am so interested in doing that too.

  15. It is a pretty color! I like how you make a list of what's left. If I did that more on my UFO's I would probably see how little is really left to be done, which might motivate me to finish! Great idea. :)

  16. Your jacket looks like it's going to be fab!



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