December 4, 2009


In January I usually set goals, personal as well as those for sewing. All through the year my goals have hoovered around my subconscious, but now as year end fast approaches I need to see just how many of those remaining can be completed. I set ten sewing goals in January (SEE SIDEBAR). If I don't complete all ten - I will not be dismayed, but will simply move the uncompleted ones over into the new year.

  • Practice: Collar Stand Application
  • Practice: Hong Kong Finish
  • Practice: Invisible Zipper Application
  • Make Chanel Suit from fabric Mother gave me
  • Secret Sewing Goal

I know that I can complete my Chanel suit - the jacket is already DONE, and the skirt will not take too long to do. I could get some practice sessions done on the invisible zipper and the Hong Kong finish. Don't know if I'll get around to the Collar Stand application, and I'm absolutely sure I won't have time to tackle my Secret Sewing Goal. (Just what is my Secret Sewing Goal?...I'm not telling.) I'll will be very happy accomplishing eight of my ten goals this year.

In addition to giving some serious thought to completing my 2009 sewing goals, I have joined the newly formed MONTH OF PANTS sew-a-long started by Lynnelle at You sew, girl. With all of the tops I made last month I still need pants. I have worked with Simplicity's 2700 several times this year trying to perfect a TNT pants pattern, and I really thought this was it. After making several pairs of pants with that pattern, I'm still not completely satisfied with the fit. I'm committing to three pairs of pants for this sew-a-long, and will be trying this slightly vintage Simplicity pattern. I'll post my progress starting with a muslin and HOPEFULLY, these pants will fit perfectly the first time around....


  1. Anonymous12/04/2009

    Secret sewing goal! love it. I really, really want to learn a bound buttonhole and improve on zippers! I still panic...

    Good for you on the pants!

  2. I wish I could keep all my goals. Good for you! Ummm... Pants...time to make pants.... LOL

    Did you hear Grays will be back Jan 19? Watched Private Practice last night and they announced it after. I mean heck, we have no Runway - No Grays... time to make pants :)

    Be good to yourself as you always do. Enjoy your sewing moments.

  3. Anonymous12/04/2009

    You go girl!!
    Completely and utterly inspiring what you achieve.

  4. Sewing goals are great! In my case I don't always achieve them. However It's important to keep making goals, otherwise there will be nothing to strive for.

    I saw the pants sew along, now that a good one.MMMM something for me to think about?

  5. I don't really get to set my own goals for sewing for the year. I already know that I'll be making:
    5 outfits for Valentine's Day
    5 outfits for Easter
    5 Summer outfits
    5 Halloween Costumes
    5 Christmas outfits

    Plus a birthday outfit for each and whatever else they call and ask granmomma to make.
    I love that you are going to make pants to go with all of those beautiful new tops!!

  6. Can't wait to see your secret sewing goal! If I had time, I would join the month of pants, as I really need some and I really need to work on a decent fit. I'm busy making outfits for my staff party next weekend and frantically making christmas gifts instead. With invisble zippers, the thing that made it work for me was buying an actual foot for my machine. I had used the cheap platic one you can buy that fits all machines and the results were so so. I paid a whole $15 and got a Janome one and it changed my life. The zip just fits into the groove and goes in perfectly every time. I have so far used the method where you leave the seam open before inserting the zip, but today I am going to try a technique I read about somewhere where you close the seam below the zip first. To do this you use a longer zip than required and trim it off. It sounds simple, so I'll let you know how it works out. You know you can do it, you just have to trust yourself.

  7. You'll accomplished quite a lot this year. Very impressive, indeed.

    The month of top sew along produced some fabulous work by you and several other sewists. My hats off to you. I can barely keep up with the few projects on my sewing table.

    I'm very interested in following the progress of the pants sew along. Good luck and happy sewing!



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