August 10, 2010


I am obsessed with summer white pants! With the glorious summer months swiftly waning by the minute, I find myself almost at the mid point of August, but I just had to get yet one more pair made for the season. I promise that this is the very last white pair as I am a little old fashioned when it comes to packing away my whites once Labor Day arrives. After all I wouldn't want to be punished by "Serial Mom"! Do you remember that movie?
Well, here's my last pair for the summer made from my TNT pants pattern - Simplicity 8707.
I've also added a new book to my sewing library.

Palmer & Pletsch's "Easy Easier Easiest Tailoring" was gifted to me by my new blogger friend Elsie Cole at Elsie holds a B.S. in apparel design from University of Delaware, and says that this was one of her text books while in school. She was nice enough to share it with me and I think it will prove invaluable to me as a resource in my jacket making. I'll be boning up on this book because I know for a fact there's another jacket in my very near future. Thanks again Elsie!!!

Elsie is a model and has recently entered a contest to win a role in the famed "Madmen" television series. I voted for her online just this afternoon
because I think she is a perfect candidate for the part. Here are recent pictures exhibiting her 1950ism.If you are interested, you can cast a vote for her too at this link:


  1. Nice pants! And anything by Palmer/Pletsch is good news in my book!

  2. Those pants are lovely -- such a perfect fit.

  3. Nice pair of pants. I also love white pants and skirts. What is summer if you don't add white to your wardrobe!

  4. I love white pants - and yours are particularly fabulous. What a great summer basic - these will go with anything and always look fresh and stylish.

  5. Another great pair of white pants. I didn't make one pair..., had planned to. Next year for sure. Looking good.

  6. Great pants Faye!!! I absolutely love white pants and have a pair on my cutting table right now. It's funny, but a lot of women I speak with here in Florida won't wear white pants, don't know why, IT FLORIDA!!! Nice work!

  7. Love the pants, I've always wanted a pair of summer whites. I've already switched to fall sewing, but must put them on the to-do list.
    I'll go vote...I love Mad Men, I've just watched Season 1 on DVD. Gotta love the fashions.

  8. Very nice pants Faye!! good job. Of course I remember that move...that's funny..

  9. Hi Faye, Thanks for sending people my way! I can't wait to see the jacket you make :)



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