August 21, 2010


...and I decided to participate since my sewing production has ranged from unusually slow to non-existent over the past couple of months. I used the sew-in as a motivator to get some things done that I had been procrastinating on. For the July sew-in I altered two very cute but unwearable skirts that I had made two summers ago. The skirts had become unwearable because I've lost weight, and inches.

NEWS FLASH: As of today's weigh-in I am down 16 pounds, 10 inches! That puts me half way to my goal.
Ya'll help me pray that I can keep it off this time.

I used the August sew-in as a motivator to finish up a Home Dec project started for a friend back at the end of May. That's correct, I've procrastinated on this since May. The tablecloth was made from three 50" x 84" drapery panels that I had to un-hem on four sides each, then piece together (I used french seams), to make the fabric wide enough for the project. Then we meticulously calculated the circumference of her antique (belonged to her grand-mother) table. After cutting the big circle, the fabric was turned under and hemmed twice. When I started to pin the fringe to the bottom, I discovered that there wasn't enough. Of course when she returned to Hobby Lobby to get more they were out, and we had to wait for an order to come in. When she told me that she wanted 2" cut off before attaching the trim, I just sort of completely shut down because I wanted to finish the thing, not do more work on it. Then I got really ultra busy with four graduations (one of them my own), an out of state trip, work, and three out of town conferences. What can I say, I just kept putting it off and putting it off some more. All the time feeling tied to it and not really being able to commit to anything else sewing wise. Having UFO'S make me feel imprisoned.

This sew-in seemed to be the perfect solution to this problem. I finished it!, and here's a picture of my first Home Dec project in a very long time. Completing this tablecloth also helped me accomplish one of my #4 2010 Sewing goals although it's not a project for my own home.

4. Try (a little) Home Decor.

In the meantime I took the last pair of white pants for a test drive yesterday. Although I really thought they fit well a couple of weeks ago when I made them, they are now feel and look too big and need to be altered. I've started adding a built in escape route in my pants by adding a center back seam in the waistband. This makes altering just a little bit easier. So altering these pants will be my next project for the weekend...


  1. The tablecloth is lovely - well done on completing it. I am with you that having UFO's does make roadblocks in your sewing.

    Making clothes while you are losing weight is difficult. I am going through a similar thing and have given up on pants and really fitted items for the moment. I will keep watching for your alteration tips!

  2. You did a fantastic job with the tablecloth and the fringe is a lovely detail.

    I have one ufo and 2 cut garments cut & marked, but have been sidetrack with other things. I understand that feeling of imprisonment when you have items to be completed.

    Congratulations on your weight loss and really feeling inspired by you and others to get back on track. I have totally fallen of the exercise wagon... ummm like 4 months ago and using the intense summer heat as an

  3. Congrats Faye on your weight loss, it's not an easy thing, by any means...So, keep up the good work and know that we are all rooting for you! Also the table cloth is wonderful...

  4. Awesome weight loss!! And great sewing progress. I've seen the little button for the Sew-in, but have never clicked. This sounds like an excellent idea and a much needed excuse to schedule a full-on sewing session, instead of just sewing a seam here & there like I'm doing now.

  5. Congratulations on the weight loss. Keep up the good work.

  6. the table cloth look awesome! :)

  7. Love the tablecloth. It was worth the wait.

  8. That table cloth is really pretty. I hope your friend truly appreciates it!

  9. Congrats on the impressive loss of weight and inches! Good for you!

    The tablecloth is lovely.



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