August 15, 2010


....have you ever gone into a store with plans to buy absolutely nothing! I guess you might ask, "why go to the store then"? Well, the new Joann's in Macon advertised that they were distributing their Teacher Discount Cards starting Saturday with the infamous disclaimer "while supplies last". Being the lover of fabric stores that I am, I really needed to get that card before supplies were exhausted.

With this in mind I made the trek to River Crossing, which is no short distance, to get my 15% discount card but with all intentions of not purchasing a thing. There was a long waiting line when I got there, so I thought I'd take a little look around. To my surprise, the nice purple plaid nubby textured fall suiting fabric was still there. I had eyed this fabric ($12.95/yard mind you) on an earlier visit when the store first opened. I thought that the fabric was really beautiful and would make the cutest jacket/skirt suit for fall, but would cost me at least $45. Having just returned from my annual New York trip with loads of fabric, another $45 would not fit into the budget - so I convinced myself to leave the fabric there. After all, I just can't have everything my beady little eyes want!

But you know how it is - when I got home I had a bout of "not buying remorse" about that fabric. Have you ever experienced that feeling before? I told myself "you should have gotten at least a yard and half for a fall skirt". But oh well, so it is with not buying remorse. Figured it would be all gone by the time I got back to the store. But guess what, it wasn't. I not only got my 1 1/2yd of the purple plaid nubby stuff, and an additional 1 1/2yd of a cute black and white plaid to boot! I had to talk to myself and convince "me" that...not every suiting fabric has to become an entire suit (duh!). Yes, I do talk to myself on the regular! It sometimes saves me from much financial remorse. Notice I did say "sometimes", because I have also been known to argue right back with myself with amazing logic, but this time the sensible side won out. To make this trip an even better scenario, Joann's was offering an additional 20% teacher discount for Saturday only! So, I got fabric for two new fall skirts for $24...Yea me!!!
I can see either new skirt paired with a black wool blazer (already in my closet), and simple black and purple crew neck sweaters (yet to be purchased from Chadwick's) for two classic fall work outfits. It's wonderful to have some degree of fashion building foresight, isn't it?....


  1. Fabric remorse? Thank you for diagnosing me. After reading Carolyn' blog about fabricmart or fabric.com sale I put a few yds of fabrics in the basket but did not buy anything. Guess what fabric remorse will not let me sleep so when I am finish writting here, I am going to buy the fabrics I choose. Oh well, it makes me happyyyy. I am glad you bought the fabrics and I know you are happyyyyyy!

  2. I completely understand not buying remorse! I don't worry much about the drawer under my bed full of fabric I am not using, just the "ones who got away."

    I think the two fabrics you got are really cute. I am sure they will make super Fall outfits. Can't wait to see what you whip up!

  3. What beautiful pieces of fabric!

    I passed on a piece of silk in the spring and I am still regretting it. I think you did the right thing!

  4. Pretty fabrics and will make pretty skirts and I can be found talking to myself often than not... seriously... ;) Last week I returned to my favorite fabric spot and purchased 5 yds of fabric that I kept telling myself I could do without...lol

  5. I've decided that I'm only getting to live my life once and if I can still pay my bills and put a little sumthin sumthin in my savings account then I'm gonna buy it. So there hasn't been too much buyer's remorse going on around here. *LOL*

    I'm glad tho' that the purple piece was still waiting for you and that you got such a great deal on both pieces!

  6. My famous last words? "I'm only going to look." Right. I love the two pieces you bought. Wear them in good health.

  7. Well worth the purchase...they are beautiful fabrics!

  8. As everything there's a balance in these things. And since you have actual plans for them to be skirts this Autumn that seems pretty good actually. Buying for the stash - just becuase - can be pretty dangerous though :-)

  9. Such pretty fabrics:)

  10. I've been eyeballing the purple plaid but I am resisting the urge. I'll live vicariously through you.1

  11. You are awesome at wardrobe planning I always look forward to your "Month Of ....." blogs.

  12. Very pretty! But I know exactly what you mean...I went to the store the other day to buy a zipper...just a zipper....and spent nearly $100.00 on fall fabrics.

  13. Those are pretty fabrics, Faye.

  14. Beautiful unplanned purchases!

  15. Ha ha, this is fabulous post, Faye!! I had quite a chuckle reading about your "inner monologue" followed by the persuasive logical argument that leads to a fabric purchase, laugh! Can relate so much...
    I've had not-buyers-remorse a few times, but not so much since I've been buying like a maniac!! I need help!!
    Oh, and your fabric is gorgeous. Will make some awesome fall skirts, for sure!

  16. Those will be perfect for Fall skirts, I can see why you were drawn to them.

  17. Oh that's so awesome! Those are perfect fall purchases! My husband's a teacher, but we didn't have a chance to go to Joann together... which I'm glad we didn't otherwise I might've had "buyer's remorse". :)

  18. Beautiful choices! I am pretty disciplined, so I get bouts of non-buyers remorse pretty regularly.

  19. I love those fabrics! They'll be just great with a black blazer.

    I guess I'm lucky to have my Joann's only 7 miles away, since it was such a trek for you!

  20. Oh Faye! I'm going through it right now!!! Everytime I going into a fabric store, there's so much I want to buy. Unfortunately, I have to limit myself! I know I'm a "Fabric Junky"!!!

  21. I love both of these. I can see the black and white as a skirt with red tights and black boots. I've worn that look a lot this winter!

  22. Those are beautiful fabrics,sometimes unplanned purchases are excellent.....wink...




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