April 23, 2011


...but it's a mighty slow go.  If there was a new award for "THE SLOWEST SEWER", I'd be a sure winner.  Sometimes I think I just have too many sewing ideas that contribute to slowing me down a bit.  I have got to get some of these ideas out of my mind, off the drawing board, and into fruition.  

I did get a top completed yesterday, although not for me.  Sometimes being a selfish seamstress is so very hard.  What happened?  Again my kindness got the best of me when asked "would you make this for me".  Although I'm sure it wasn't meant as such, it sounded like a challenge to the inner me- and I took the bait.  There is something inside me that has to GIVE every once and a while, so that is what I did.  So I found a pattern similar to the picture she presented me and the rest is history.  I made a top from this fabric last year and there was plenty left over for this top and maybe even a dress to boot.
I made view D, flutter sleeve top  

I adjusted plunging neckline by raising it 1", why are things cut so low now-a-days?  I think the top turned out very nice.  Be on the lookout because I have plans for another garment from this fabric very soon.

Now for Bottoms Up:  I traced this pattern on Wednesday night, cut out the muslin on Thursday night and finally got around to stitching it up today.
Pants muslin without waistband
I'm working with Simplicity 4135, and the muslin looks pretty o.k. but after attaching the waistband I'm not 100% sure of it.  I will be cutting the fashion fabric momentarily, but I just might be changing patterns.  Pattern indecisiveness is such a can be such a time waster.  I'll be using a army green linen blend fabric, and I have just the perfect camouflage print knit for a matching top.  See, too many ideas floating around at one time...


  1. Very nice of you to make the top for another, it is beautiful. Good luck with your pants.

  2. Oh, I can so relate to slow sewing and too many ideas. Good luck with the pants!

  3. beautiful top, Happy easter

  4. I know exactly what you mean. Indecision is annoying. The top is very cute and I hope the recipient likes it. Glad you can get back to your own sewing!

  5. Love the top! You are a very giving person to sew for others. Fabric is georgeous and I'm sure the recipient of it will be very happy. Now you can get back to your own stuff...right?

  6. I think everything is low because the kids these days always wear a cami under everything. (To me, it looks like an undershirt. I just can't embrace the look, myself). I do like the fabric, and the pattern is really nice!



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