April 10, 2011


...The Over The Top Challenge has created inspiration for a much sewing frenzy.  Seems I always need new tops, and they are usually the quickest way that I know of sprucing up my wardrobe at the change of seasons.

Although I've been a little sick with this sinusitis and an ear infection to boot, I was still motivated to get some sewing done.  I finished this faux wrap New Look 6901 today.  I made it first last year, really liked the fit so I gave it another go for this challenge.  This time I did change the pattern just a little by increasing the neckline height and decreasing the size of the band that finishes the neckline.  The pattern's band was much too wide for me - so I changed it up just a bit.  I also invisibly stitched down the wrap because no matter what, I always get a little gaping in the chest area - with this the problem is solved. Though there are many faux wrap top patterns available, this one, with just a tiny bit of rushing at the left side seems to fit me best.  I guess this will be my "go to" TNT faux wrap top - no need in reinventing the wheel.
This is a lovely paint splattered knit that I picked up last Sunday on a Joann's trip with Ebony and Baby Boy.  It sewed up beautifully using my Schmetz Jersey ballpoint needle - no skipping, snagging or puckering.  Once upon a time I had a little handy Schmetz pamphlet that I used as a needle reference, but of course I can't find it now.  So of course I just Googled for the information and found it here it helps me out a lot.

I have two more tops in the "bull pen" that I'd like to completed by Friday (April 15 end of the challenge").  I actually need many more than that but feel it's high time to move on to other things.  Although I've been reading along, I haven't even started my jacket for the RTW Challenge that I joined.  I do still have plans for that challenge; however, this one took precedent.

I do hope that everyone had a nice, restful and productive weekend...............


  1. thanks for the link to the needle quide, this is really good and nice print for the top

  2. You're rockin' out those tops! I love that print. Must look for it.

  3. Oh, I like this print very much.

  4. Beautiful print , love it. I Iike this pattern too made it 2 times already

  5. I have a faux wrap top in one of the patterns I've been using. I keep thinking I'll try it, then getting distracted...

  6. You have been so productive! Each of the tops you've posted is awesome and so unique. I'm impressed by how much you've gotten done in just a few weeks!

  7. Feel better, girl. The top look goods great. I'm following your lead with making some tops to spruce up my wardrobe.



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