September 28, 2011


...Go ahead,  I'll wait a minute for you.  Now, relax and kick your feet up because I haven't posted in 10 days so you know this is going to be a long one (lol).  All kidding aside for a moment, let me take a minute to say THANK YOU AGAIN to all who take the time to read my blog - ESPECIALLY to new followers.   Seriously I get a little misty when I think about you, and I do not take your readership lightly.  

Now for Eyewitness News at 6...

1)  I finished the second pair of pants that match my 3 piece MINI WARDROBE CAPSULE (blogged about here), and I did wear them to work last Thursday.


I know I see wrinkles down the front leg too, but really they are not that bad at all.  They did turn out just a little loose through the hip area, which is much better than them being to tight.  I plan on going back in to tweak them just a bit.  Overall, a nice wardrobe addition and they match both capsule tops perfectly.  I'll give them a rating of 9 (with 10 being the highest) for wear-ability until I make the needed alteration.  Fixing won't take but a minute...but that's what I say about EVERYTHING!  (ha)

2)  Look Mom, I made a new top!

McCalls 6164 view A
This pattern has hung on my inspiration board I guess since it first came out.  I just didn't know how I'd like the Grecian draped sleeves.  But I finally went ahead and made it up.  Love this Joann's clearance table jersey - it's super drapey.  Believe me the color is really bright for me being such a neutral person.  But every now and then I need to break out of my norm to cheer everybody else up and wearing this today did just that.

I guess I JUST DON'T KNOW MY SIZE!, or this pattern just runs large.  I made size LARGE and this thing swallowed me.  Of course I used my bust size when determining the size to use, but I should have listened to Myra who made the same top and wished she had gone down a size too.   I did take her advice about raising the neckline (I raised 1 1/2") which worked out nicely.  Thanks to Lisa I pulled this book off the shelf

and tried a new neckline binding on this top - LOVE IT TOO!  I know many of you already have this - I used the Single-Fold Binding for knit fabrics, pages 40-43.  I was scared to interface this jersey so I tried it on a scrap first - no problem.  I will be using this method again and again, but I'm kinda wonder how it would work using Steam-a-Seam rather than regular fusible interfacing.  Mmmmm, I'll have to check that out.

Tonight I'll go in and take up the sleeve and the side seams on this top, but until I get that done,  I'll need to rate this top a 7 on the wear-ability scale.

3)  I love getting GOOD mail - you know the kind I mean... stuff you want!, not expected or unexpected bills and the like.  This is what I call GOOD MAIL:

Vogue 1242, 2767,1200, & 1025
A few weeks ago Tanya of Eating Pins held a blog celebration (not a contest) a straight give-a-way.  All you had to do was select the patterns  you liked - and they were yours!  THANK YOU TANYA!  Vogue patterns I didn't have were in today's mail - YEAH TANYA!  Better than shopping at BMV even.

4)  Ok, Ok I'm getting ready to close.  Lastly, I hung this great picture in my sewing cave this weekend.  

It sort of reminds me of this  picture from Ballard Designs -  Cost: $299.00.

  I like mine better - cost: $10.00 at a Goodwill 1/2 price sale.

Ok, Ok, that all for this time.  Thank you so much for reading....


  1. Oooh, the neckline binding looks perfectly done :)
    I have that book too, and I've thought about trying the binding techniques, but I haven't made any tshirts in ages. I need to go try one out and see if i can do it as well as yours!

  2. Love that new top so much, especially the sleeves.

  3. Cute pink blouse and I love the color too!

  4. I love the knit top. Thanks for sharing the book and technique for the neckline. It seems the longer I sew, the more I don't know. The picture looks great in your sewing room.

  5. The knit top is great. I definitely have to get that book and try out the binding technique.
    Oh, and your picture- way cooler than Ballard's!!

  6. Hi Faye,
    The pink top looks great too bad it's too big! It took me a while to look at your pants because of all the floating heads in the pictures. Check out the mirror on the left :) The one on the tripod has a pretty intense gaze. Anyway, back to the pants, I wish I could offer some advice on how to fix them but I can't. I'm really happy that your sewing mojo is around. My sewing mojo is on vacation some place.
    That's a nice collection of Vogue patterns.

  7. You have been busy! And I don't think you're the only one to notice patterns are on the big side... the same happened to me on a few of my projects this summer. I cut the size I thought I was, and then it turned out to be too big!

  8. Faye, I've done very little sewing with jerseys and knits. They scare me because of how they stretch. tell me what you do to prevent stretching as you sew. I have used tearaway stabilizer and starch.

  9. Great looking pants and top. That top ran very big for me, too. I really like your artwork, what a good deal and it is so cute.

  10. Cute pants and top Faye! I have M6164 cut out and ready to go, now all I need is the energy to match lol!

  11. Love that beautiful deep pink top. I think that colour will be very pretty on you! The wrinkles on the trousers wouldn't bother me. They look like a very useful/wearable pair. And finally, I agree your picture better too!

  12. I love your beautiful new top - the sleeves are so pretty - and that shade of pink is gorgeous! Great pants - they will make an excellent wardrobe basic. I love your new picture - what a nice thrifty find!

  13. Fine pair of pants. And your fucia(?) top is spectacular. I bet it is a perfect color for you. I also like that book, especially the chapter on neckline bindings. Question: Do all of those bodiless maniquins give you their opinions on your outfits?

  14. Great pants you got...and that top I gotta make, I have a fuschia knit fabric just for it...This really wants me to go back to my sewing room....Lovely

  15. You look amazing in that vogue 8634--those are your colors. The blouse looks *okay* on the maniquin, but on *you*, you look fabulous!

    Rose in SV

  16. I love that pink top! WHen Im able to sew again I need to make that one lol.

  17. The top is so great! I'd love to see it modeled. I have been contemplating whether I can convince my mom to wear something like that... Adorable artwork! Perfect for a sewing room.

  18. Well, that is a lot of news to digest. The pants pick up a lesser color in the top and look really good together. Don't fret about the wrinkles, because you notice them more than we viewers do.

    Lucky you, with all those patterns! I always want more patterns, too, but have not yet sprung to join Club BVM. I think I'm afraid I'll go overboard and buy like 400 patterns or something.

    And I like your print. I think it's prettier than the one from Ballard; the colors are much nicer. It doesn't look to me like your sewing cave is very cave-like!

  19. I love the color of the top, so vibrant, I'm happy the neckline technique worked, you sound excited, I know how it feels to find a new technique that works out great.

  20. Great outfit, love both tops and the picture, I like yours better than Ballard Designs. You're so welcome I'm glad you like your patterns, it really is better to give than to receive, thanks for being my blog-buddy.

  21. i LOVE THE TOP! And the color is fantastic (I'm not much into neutrals).

    Your sewing lounge is looking so good!




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