January 4, 2012

...my 2nd project of the new year is an effort to get back to my Fall Hit List project.  I've strayed, as you may have noticed, and was starting  to feel just a wee bit guilty about it.  So to make myself feel better, I went back to my October 18th post to read the disclaimer I included - which read:

"Funny thing, my Fall Hit List has not been stressing me at all.  Normally I obsess over lists, or goals, or challenges - that's just how I am.  I guess I'm not stressing because:
  • there is no real deadline.  It's a Fall Hit List but I've given myself both the Fall and Winter Seasons to complete it.
  • my list is not at all stringent.  It's not written in stone, so  change is highly probable somewhere down the line."
So I guess sewing straying is o.k., especially if you've built in an escape route.
I purchased this fabric in early fall knowing full well that I wanted to knockoff an iconic DVF wrap dress with it.    I even envisioned two of them on my Fall Hit List.  So using the very popular and highly reviewed Vogue 8379 I finished one of those dresses last night.     This is the second time around with this pattern, so I had no problem at all with it.

Changes made to the pattern:
.  I chose view B, but opted to go  with regular full length sleeves rather than a 3/4 sleeve with a cuff
. Decreased the sleeve cap ease 
. Decreased skirt fullness by 6 inches
. Added 1 1/2" to the bodice length
. Added 2 inches to skirt length.

My only regret with this dress is the seam tape I used to stabilize  the shoulder seam - it's a bit stiff.  Maybe it'll soften up after the first wash because it's too late to change it now.

The sewing cave a hot mess ~~but I'm not in the mood for cleaning  because my next project raring to go...



  1. Very nice dress!

    I was thinking of making this soon so I had a couple questions. How did you decide on the alterations? Did you make a muslin? (I am never sure about making muslins for knits).

    I was also curious about what kind of fabric you used. I have a slightly sweater-y poly-lycra knit I was thinking of using but I am worried that the bodice will stretch out with the weight of the skirt. Did you stabilize the bodice with anything?

  2. Great addition to your wardrobe. Am I the only one still getting over Christmas? Seems like everyone else is back sewing full swing!

  3. 'Sewing Straying' - I love this term. Something we are all guilty of on a regular basis. Great changes to your pattern - you have made a super dress.

  4. Wrap dresses are so chic and versatile. Yours is lovely. The cleaning can always wait!

  5. Pretty Dress and love wrap dresses. Hoping to finish up the rest of the infinity scarves and looking forward to sewing up a wrap dress.

  6. I loev wrap dresses - but have yet to try making one (though I did by a vintage pattern from Etsy to try recently!).

  7. OOOOOOO, I love this print!

  8. Beautiful dress! Perfect print for a winter wrap.

  9. Ooooh I love it! I am a sucker for a knit dress!

  10. I have had this pattern for several years now and I keep pulling it out, then putting it away, then pulling it out again. I really am going to make it this year! I love the fabric you've used. I see it with boots and a long line cardigan. I'm sure you look very stylish in it, no matter what you wear with it!



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