January 1, 2012


...I'm referring to the year 2011 and my first completed project of the new year.  My year ended sharing time and much sewing lingo with friends - Ebony and Lisa - and this is how the evening went:
. we had snacks while we enjoyed a round of show and tell.  We all LOVE show and tell - its informative as well as inspirational.  It's all about showing what we've created since out last meet up, providing information on  patterns-fabric-sewing techniques, and answering all the questions that follow.  Believe me, show and tell is a real learning experience for each of us.

. Afterwards we had a nice little potluck dinner, and
. then settled in for a evening of sewing and related talk.  To be honest, I never actually get much actual sewing done during our sessions - I guess I talk too much (lol).  

I did complete my first project for 2012 this evening; which by the way has nothing to do with my Fall Hit List (I must get back on that thing!).  A couple of days before Christmas while cruising the web I happened upon a cute little pattern that I could not resist from Fashion Patterns by Coni.
It's a spiral wrap & I'm in love with it!  I swear this thing can be wrapped at least 10 different ways - probably more.  It's so easy to make taking only 2 yards of fabric; and can be made from almost any fabric.  The hardest part about it was deciding what fabric to use.  I settled for a brown patterned ponteroma because I wanted it to be warm with just the right amount of drape.  Had my serger not UN-threaded itself  - the wrap would have taken only 45 minutes to complete start to finish.  I'm thinking about making this up again in a black light weight double knit.  Mmmmm, we will see.  In the mean time Happy, healthy, prosperous New Year to one and all.

I'm off to hit that list again...


  1. Wow! I love this pattern! I was wondering how you happened up on this patternmaker when I noticed Connie Crawford is the author of the drafting book (3rd Ed.) I bought for my draping class at the junior college nearby. The book was a wonderful textbook and I am certain the pattern will be excellent, as well.

    It is officially on my wishlist now....matter of fact, my sister would love one, too. Thanks for sharing.

    Your sewing gathering looked like so much fun! You all looked like you were having a good time, too!

  2. Lovely and elegant.

  3. Must check that pattern out. I like everything about it.

  4. This is a really cool pattern! It would be perfect for the chilly nights in Florida! Love the color you picked Faye and really wish I lived in your area so I could join your group!! That sounds like a heck of a lot of fun!!

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  6. Sounds like a fun evening! I love the idea of fashion show, potluck, and sewing all at once! And you are so ahead of the game with a FO for 2012 already. Impressive.

  7. Your wrap came out really cute, and the pin is wonderful with it! It doesn't matter how much sewing you get done during "show and tell", as long as you're having fun. I truly believe that if you're not enjoying something, you shouldn't be doing it. And enjoying with friends? What could be better?

    Happy New Year, Faye!

  8. Sewing show and tell is the best. You look like you had a wonderful time wrapping up the year.

  9. How fun is that??? SO fun!!



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