March 6, 2012


Gwen of http://allmyseams.blogspot.com  recently commented:
"Faye, I don't remember you ever saying on your blog exactly what you do for a living. But, by the photos you post, I assume you are a hair stylist teacher, or own a studio, or something akin to that."

My Answer: 
I am actually working in my dream.   I have  been a licensed master cosmetologist for 25 years; licensed instructor for 5 years.  Prior to becoming an instructor I worked part-time at two salons; and afterwards managed my own salon for 13 years. 

I've been employed by our local Technical College (fully accredited) for 11 years (6 years as adjunct and 5 years as full time instructor).   I taught on the adult level for 6 years, and am in my 5th year as high school instructor, which is an all together entirely different mindset as you might guess.  I work in an actual high school.

My students are Dually Enrolled which mean they earn high school and college credit simultaneously.  The classes are college level with a number of the students transferring to full-time college enrollment to complete the program.  My two year program gives them a head start on diploma program.  After transferring they then go on to test for state licensure. A number of my students have even gone on to salon ownership.

It is a very rewarding program  - both for students and for me.  I follow-up on them after transfer.  I am so very proud that they can actually keep up with the adult students when they enter college full time.   Our diploma can also lead to  a Crossover Barber-Stylist Certificate, and/or a Technical Studies Degree - which is transferable.  

Working in this program is a privilege and a pleasure.  I had ALWAYS wanted to teach something, I just took the long way getting to it.  I call my job walking in my dream... 


  1. Wow, that's awesome. How amazing to love what you do and to do it so well that you become a great success. Kudos!

  2. I love it when I hear folks say " they love their job or they are working in their dream job". Faye you are in the minority. I also have a job that I love most of the time.

  3. What an interesting a rewarding job. I also like to hear that people love their jobs.

  4. I am always interested in what others do for a living and enjoy hearing that they love their job. Your career is interesting and can imagine so rewarding.

  5. What a great job you have! :) It's really amazing doing something you love and getting to teach young people :)

  6. Wow! That is a great accomplishment. I am sure you find this exciting to share your talents by teaching others.

  7. Sounds like a cool job. Not sure why, but for some reason I always thought you were a principal.

  8. Faye I too am a lic instructor's, although I haven't taught in many years. I can almost imagine high school could be quite a challenge. Your students must love to have such a talented teacher.

  9. Hi Faye - How great for you! Do you have any military dependents that are your students? There's an Air Force base there, yes?

  10. How marvellous that you love your vocation after all these years - it does seem rare unfortunately.

  11. I sort of figured out what you do from the pictures, and knowing you have students. I'm sure they love you dearly, and I think your great style gives them some wonderful inspiration for their own lives!

  12. You are blessed to be living your dream. How wonderful to be able to start each day knowing you're doing something you love. At work today I listened to a very loud colleague saying over and over how much she hated coming to work. I told her to quit. I'm sure your students have fond memories of their time with you. You're sending them out into the working world with great technical skills and the perfect attitude for success. And you can sew!

  13. Faye, that's wonderful! Sounds like your job is another one of your passions (sewing being the other). One thing I know you'll be able to say for sure is...you're living your full life! (and sharing it with others too!)

    You're truly blessed Faye and I'm couldn't be happier for you!

  14. Guess I need to go back to typing class too!! Sorry about the typos!

  15. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your "non-sewing" life.

    What a blessing that you're getting to do something that you absolutely love. Beautiful.




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