March 4, 2012


...although I do have a project underway my week got in the way (numerous meetings, an evening pre-prom fashion show, and helping out at a job fair on Saturday); and altered my sewing mood.  I've just not been able to work on it.

I started a wearable muslin for Vogue 1250 (you know the one) as my project for the monthly sewalong with my friends last Sunday.  The dress just needs to be hemmed and then it's finished - but I've not been able to muster up the motivation to do it.  I promise myself that it will not become a UFO - matter of fact I might just go ahead in hem it this afternoon although I have tons of other things that need to be attended to.

I did complete on a "calm me down" project - not too thought provoking - a bit of mindless sewing if you may.  I did self draft a portion of the project,  it's my version of a Cupcake Apron.   I've been wanting one of these for my collection - a few frills and of course ruffles.  I have several people I'd like to make apron gifts for, but I keep falling in love with each one that I make, and therefore haven't gifted anyone so far...

Otherwise, it is New Project Sunday, got to go find something to work on.

Do you ever do mindless sewing??????????


  1. I love mindless sewing! It puts me in the zone. I have found that some hand sewing techniques, even if difficult to execute, become mindless once mastered. I think it is the repetitive nature of hand sewing that does it for me, particularly something like fell stitching or smocking.

    Love your apron. It has so much thought put into the design, love too!

  2. Mindless sewing is a great way to get back to the sewing groove. Great looking apron

  3. Super apron! Faye, I don't remember you ever saying on your blog exactly what you do for a living. But, by the photos you post, I assume you are a hair stylist teacher, or own a studio, or something akin to that. I love me a beauty shop! My hair is a coarse, curly, frizzy hot mess until the beast is tamed! It's dyed a deep, intense red. Cut about ear-lobe length in layers, and flat ironed. I spend a lot of time at my beauty shop. I volunteered to sweep the floor just so I can hang around!

  4. Hi Faye -

    Love the pictures of your students at work! They look like professionals aready! I wish I had the time for mindless sewing, or any kind of sewing for that matter. I think I am going to make time this week despite last week's failed attempts. I love cupcakes. What an adoreable apron - I see why you may not be able to part with it! Take care!

  5. Oh, absolutely -- mindless sewing! It's so nice to knock out a project quickly when you can.

  6. I have all the intentions to sew some pressies for close family & friends but can't seem to stop sewing for me, me, me. Maybe if I stop being distracted by the internet I will have more time? :) Love your pics by the way!

  7. Anonymous3/05/2012

    Good to hear you're trying to get "up and running!" :)

  8. I've made myself 3 V1250s, and another for a gift, and the directions and back are so weird I always have to use the instruction sheet. It's hard to make yourself finish it, but it's a really nice dress when it's done. Don't let it discourage you, Faye, you'll like it when it's done.

  9. I love mindless sewing and then other times I hate it. It would appear that I am the only person not to have made V1250. I look forward to your version - you always make such lovely garments!

  10. Mindless sewing ?! Do you have any idea how many mistakes I'd make if I tried mindless sewing ! LOL

    Looking forward to seeing your version of 1250, one of these days, I'll get around to making mine.

  11. I agree with everyone here Faye...Mindless sewing is a definite must from time to time to keep the mojo working! That's why you see so many pants on my posts...that's mindless sewing for me!

    You students are so adorable! They're lucky to have you too!



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